PLEASE HELP!!! How do i fix my sons sleep habbit?

Stephanie - posted on 01/08/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )



0 a new mommy of a 3 month old lil boy n im having the worst time trying to get him to sleep when hes suppose to!...i think he has his days n nights mixed up becasue he sleeps all day n then around 7am he falls asleep until 3/4pm and i go w/out sleep due to working! We made the mistake of spoiling him n he eventually ended up sleepin in my bed after those midnight breastfeedings when i feel asleep while burping or feeding!...We're now tryin to get him to sleep in his crib...he screams non-stop! n wont stay asleep for long! I've been told to let him cry himself to sleep but he never gets sleepy...he'll cry 4 hours!!...please help!!!!! Thank you~


Lise - posted on 01/08/2010




Check out the No Cry Sleep Solution. We still co-sleep with our daughter and sleep is going great. During the day she will nap without us as long as I cuddle her to sleep, which I'm more than willing to do.
I personally would be very wary about letting my child cry for 4 hours. I'm personally against the concept of "teaching" a child to sleep - in my point of view, it's like taking a child and putting them in a car and walking away, expecting them to learn how to drive. Check out this blog for a perspective:

Try swaddling. Try walking/rocking him to sleep. He was inside you with constant movement, warmth, and cuddling 24/7 for NINE months. Make sure his room is not too cold/hot. Make sure he's comfortable. Make sure he's fed and burped.
As an interesting FYI about him sleeping during the day... MANY babies will sleep more at night if they slept a lot during the day, so I wouldn't worry about that being a problem. Long time to go without eating, though (during the day).

If he does have his days/nights mixed up, try to emphasize the differences. In the evening, we turn off all our lights except the dim ones. All sounds get quieter - TV is quieter (but not off), cell phones are turned to vibrate. When she's changed, she is just changed. Same with feeding. During the day, it's very light and there's always something making noise. I sing and talk to her during feedings and changing diapers. I make the differences between day and night exaggerated, since most babies have them confused at first.


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you should get him used to day and night, during the day, make sure there is noise (tv, radio) and do not close the curtans in his room, at night close the curtans and keep noise down, also try make a night time routine at the same time every night, eg - playtime, bathtime, bottle, cuddles then bed, i also find that a drop of lavender oil in the bath water soothes bubs and makes him more sleepy, might take a couple of weeks for him to get used to it. I dont care about routine during the day i just keep the night time thing the same everynight at the same time

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I would suggest a strict schedule, and keeping him awake during the day. Only let him get 3 naps in - when you wake him up for feeding, keep him awake for the most part after. This will be hard at first - lots of crying - but you can try soothing movements and happy faces, and CALM energy. Also, when he does sleep during the day, make sure it's in his crib. This will get him used to the crib, and if he doesn't like it at first, that means he will be awake and cry - which will make him more tired at night. The last thing I do for my daughter that has helped is last thing before bed make sure he is nice and full. I breastfeed, and during the day, I pump about 2-3 ounces and save for the night (sometimes I get it in between feedings, sometimes I get it after she eats). Then after the last feeding at night, I top her off with the extra 2-3 ounces in a bottle. I make sure there is low light, and white noise (a fan) and make sure she is swaddled. Then once she is done, I burp her, and she falls asleep on my shoulder and then into the crib she goes - after that she has started sleeping much longer. Mine is only 2 months old and sleeps 6 hours at night - and still some during the day. But you have to start somewhere, so I would start by keeping her up during the day - with the exception of a few naps.

Amber - posted on 01/08/2010




My son is almost 15 months old and he still sleeps in the bed with my husband and i.... Sometimes we can lay him down in his bed and he will sleep and at times its right the oppisite and he will pitch a fit....good luck

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