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Tricia - posted on 10/25/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




What do you consider safer having mouse poison in your house or a cat that kills them?


Jackie - posted on 10/26/2009




The problem with poison is that it doesn't kill the mice right away. They actually carry the poison around the house. So even if you have the poison in your basement the mice will carry it on their greasy fur and intentionally carry it from the basement and drop it around the house. Most poisons now work because they dehydrate the mouse and the mice instantly look for water. Which means coming out of the walls and into your living room, kitchen and bathrooms all the while they have been in contact with that crap and could be leaving small amounts in reach of your pets and kids.

Traps have changed over the years. Sticky traps you don't make them into the boxes any more. You cut off the extra cardboard around it only leaving enough for you to grab when its time to throw it out and push it right up against the wall where the mice are known to be running. The old spring traps don't work there is a new plastic trap that is a one snap deal. You just pinch it open and put peanut butter on the roof of the trap (not on the trigger). The mice come along.. stand on the trigger to get to the peanut butter and snap. This are great because you don't have to come into contact with the mice... just hang it over the garbage... pinch and its gone. This you have to line up along the walls where mice are running too. The problem with traps is you are only catching the ones you know of. You aren't catching babys in nests and you aren't catching the less brave mice that you don't see running around some where else.

Why cats works.. I am sure you have heard the squeakiness of a mouse. Well they talk non stop for safety reasons. We can't hear them most of the time but cats can! It drives cats crazy and they will go looking for the mice. Even if they don't catch and kill them which is in reality is just the cat playing with the mouse; the mice will feel endangered and find a new home. This means the cat has to have free run of the whole house or the mice will just go hide in a part of the house where the cat isn't allowed. The cat is always the safer option. Once you notice that the mice are gone.. you need to seal up ALL holes coming into your house. They didn't get in through the front door and they will get in again.

Carol - posted on 10/25/2009




a cat will keep mice at bay, and also fight away any negative thoughts aimed at your family, especially a tortoiseshell :3

Erin - posted on 10/25/2009




I'd choose the cat. In fact, we did have a cat when our eldest was born. Since the cat HATED moving, we were forced to rehome him. Since you want the cat as a "mouser," you won't be declawing the cat, so whenever he's around the baby, watch them. Cat scratches can easily become infected. However a scratch is a lot easier to care for than to worry wether your little one is getting into the poison. If you can, find a farm that has cats and see if you can adopt one of the younger ones. I'm thinking at least 9 months of age, a year might be better. Outside farm cats often hunt rodents and getting a cat that has had the "training" will be more likely to hunt the mice in your house.

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Curious little people might like to eat rhodent poison...I'd like to see them eat a cat (I have seen them try....poor kitties)

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Definately a cat!! Even if you use traps instead of the poison, you still have a nasty =, dirty, disease carrying rodent in your house that your child can be exposed to. no matter how well the trap is hidden. So get a cat. And plus have animals around kids when they are little helps them learn how to treat them when they get older and helps with bonding and relationships.


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It is well known that just having a cat in your home will get rid of the mice. The mice smell and sense the cat and find somewhere else to go !! CAT all the way !

Belinda - posted on 10/25/2009




Definatley a cat!! Mice are dirty, dirty, dirty little disease spreaders and poisons are SUPER dangerous around little ones. So long as if you have a littler box for the cat it is kept well away from your child and cleaned regularly there is no issue with it! Plus the little one and the cat can grow up together and it's a really nice bond for them plus it'll really pull at your heart strings when you see them together. Believe me! :) Putting a few mouse traps around ( under fridge etc where bub can't get to them is a good idea too just to get the little nasties under control quicker. Just remember to check them daily.)

Good luck.

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