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Is it ok to have ectopic pregnacy surgery and get pregnant again?


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This is one for your surgeon to answer hun. Been as he/she did the operation she/he will be able to tell you what they did and if they left you with any possible chance of becoming pregnant again. In many cases the surgeon will do his/her best to save the follopian tubes. It depends on what kind of surgery you had:

Salpingostomy. The ectopic growth is removed through a small, lengthwise cut in the fallopian tube (linear salpingostomy). The cut is left to close by itself or is stitched closed. This surgery can be done when an embryo is smaller than 2cm and is growing near the far end of the fallopian tube.

Salpingectomy. A fallopian tube segment is removed. The remaining healthy fallopian tube may be reconnected. Salpingectomy is needed when the fallopian tube is being stretched by the pregnancy and may rupture or when it has already ruptured or is very damaged.

Ive heard of one case where a lady was pregnant with twins but the one twin was classed as ectopic. So the surgeon managed to remove part of the ladies follopian tube which had the one twin in, and he then saved the other twin and shes still pregnant now.


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I agree that you need to talk with your doctor to see if this is something that is possible, and if it's safe for you.

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