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Nikki - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i am a new mum to twins and im having problems feeding my 4wk old girls for starters they dont seem to like being fed together they tend to take longer and muck around a bit...when feeding seperatly thye feed alot better but this is so time consuming and i have a crying baby to deal with while her sister gets fed....after nursing for a good 20-40 odd minutes they seem happy and ready to go to sleep yet give it ten mins and theyre screaming for more i give them top ups wich they devour in minutes and then its the same thing all over again....sometimes can take up to 2 hours to get them both fed so they are full and settled then theyre ready to do it all over again in up to an hour or so as they need to be fed every 3-4 so frustrated by it all as i feel like a milking machine i can be glued to the chair for up to 6 to 8 hours at a time and they like to stay awake all nite with this problem...i am tempted to put them on furmula as i just dont think they are being satisfyed by my milk....have tried the odd bottle here and there wich they seem to take quite well...falling asleep easily...also being in the hospital nicu they were being tube fed formula every 2 hours as they wernt that well and i couldnt keep up with the milk supply that early on...i am begining to think that they prefer the formula over my breastmilk wich is a shame...any advice or suggestions out there at all?


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WATER!!! I do not have twins, but I would assume (especially at 4 weeks -typical growing spurt) that you should be drinking at least a gallon and a half a day, if not 2. You may also want to try Fenugreek with Mother's Milk Tea. -- It sounds like you are going through what most babies do since their stomachs are so tiny; it's just that you have 2. Every 1.5-4 hours they need to be replenished, and nights tend to stink(but it's the best time to nurse!) The more you feed, the more your breasts will produce. DO NOT FEEL LIKE A FAILURE!!! BREASTFEEDING IS HARD ENOUGH WITH ONE! Also, if you want to give them a bottle, DO IT! There is nothing wrong with formula! Some babies never see an ounce of breastmilk in there lifetime, and they are fine. Give your patience, nipples and body a break. No one will be mad, and if they are, tell them to shove it! - Your girls like the bottle because they get the milk faster and they don't have to work at it to get it. GOOD LUCK!! & Congrats on twins!!!

Donna - posted on 09/07/2009




I know my mum said it was difficult with us twins as one was fussier than the other! Not me of course lol. But i would suggest maybe going to breastfeeding classes or even seeing if there is a twins club in your area they should be able to give great advice. Hope this helps and keep up the good work.

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Maybe try some different positions or place a pilliow between your breasts so the babys can't see each other and muck around so much. Formula feeding will take the same amount of time so keep perservering with the breastfeeding - it will get better.

Sarah - posted on 09/06/2009




I am not sure I have any suggestions, but just wanted to say hang in there. I can't imagine trying to feed two, I would get frustrated trying to nurse just one. The only thing I could think of to try was if you pumped and fed one on breast and one by bottle and change who gets bottle each feeding. But then I thought trying to pump would make it more time comsuming. I know with my daughter it did get better after she was 2-3 months old. She started going a little bit longer between feedings and was eating more at a feeding. My guess is that as your twins get more used to feeding together it will get better. I remember I felt like a milking parlor, somedays I felt like I did not leave the rocking chair where I nursed. At times I even hated feeding time. But once she going longer between feeding it became more enjoyable again. I had planned to nurse for 3 months and ended up nursing for 6 months. Do what you feel is best and what works best for you. Nursing is good, but if you are killing yourself trying to do it and hating the time you are nursing that is not good. An idea that might work if you wanted to do some formula but stay with nursing to would be to supplement with formula.

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