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Catherine - posted on 07/26/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




How much breastmilk should my newborn be drinking?


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Probably not more than 2-3 ounces at a time. Usually 1 month= 2 ounces, 2 months= 4 ounces, 3 months= 6 ounces, UP to 8 ounces.... But, per day for the first 4 months they should get between 17 and 32 ounces. At 2 weeks old, she'll be hungry every 1½-3 hours most likely. It's a very trying time, but it gets better. GOOD LUCK.

Meghan - posted on 03/21/2014




Nursing doesn't happen for everyone, pumping is still a great way for a mother to feed her baby breast milk. I'm only able to pump and I pump plenty of milk to only feed my 7 week old and and she gets 4oz every 3 hours. It just takes dedication :)

Marabeth - posted on 07/26/2009




pumps are an extremely unreliable source of information concerning your supply. some women can get a lot out with a pump but plenty can only get 1 oz at a time (0.5 oz from each breast). our nipples are meant for their mouths, not some plastic invasive shield contraption. the most reliable way of knowong your baby gets enough breastmilk is to put him/her to your breast as frequently as possible. even if it is every 30 minutes! breastmilk is digested lickity-split so its normal for them to eat seemingly constantly. sometimes theyy just eat very frequently to increase your supply. and there is no magical # of ounces to give them at each month marker because babies always need a different amount, only baby knows what baby needs. as long as they make six or more wet diapers a day and their pee isnt dark or too smelly they are getting plenty! put the pump away (if you can), stop counting ounces and just enjoy *nursing* your newborns.


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Iysha - posted on 07/27/2009




I had the same question... I read yesterday that newborns (0-3mos.)should be drinking 18-32oz a day. I have been giving my 3 week old 2.5 oz every feeding. She was taking 2oz a feeding at the NICU and thats what the nurses advised me to give her. Three days later the doctor said I shouldn't over feed her, but she could be taking in about 3 oz per feeding for her size (6lb 2oz). I found that 2.5oz was good for her because she would spit up after every feeding of 3oz but was still hungry after 2oz. I guess as long as the amount falls between 18 and 32oz, you're fine=]

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KEEP THE PUMP! Ignore others who tell you otherwise! You don't want your baby to starve! All babies are different due to their size, try 4oz and see how she does. If she needs more, then give it to her. I have had no problems pumping through two kids.

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Babies usually eat less breastmilk than formula. My twins are nine months old and when they need to be fed breastmilk in a bottle, it usually hasn't been more than five ounces. Every so often they will eat six or seven ounces, but that hasn't happened often. It's hard to tell when you nurse how much your baby is getting. Keep nursing for every feeding to keep your supply up. As long as your baby is gaining enough weight at the check-ups, then your baby is eating enough.

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At my babies 6 week check-up, I nursed her to see how much she is eating at a feeding. She ate about 4oz. Doctor said that was just fine, not too much, not too little. Depending on the weight the baby was born, 1.5+oz is enough. Your baby will tell you if he/she is full by pulling off or falling asleep on the nipple. I pump as well, sometimes pumping only 2oz at a time, and as much as 5oz each side. A trick I learned to increase the amount pumped at each time is to nurse on one side all day and pump the other side every other feeding or when breast is full (leaking or extremely hard). The next day, I switch sides. My pumping experience using Medela Hands Free Pump has been great. Although, I cannot say the same for the bottle feeding. She hasn't gotten used to that idea yet, but my freezer is stocked when she does. :) During her growth spurt, she ate every 45 min to an hour. Keep yourself hydrated and I agree: "enjoy nursing".

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Has anyone else had trouble with pumping enough. Apparently my supplie is not enough for my little guy and that is why I need to pump so I know how much he is getting and I can supliement the rest. My guy eats 4 oz. and is not quite a month am I over feeding him.

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