Ready to give up on crawling :-(

Colleen - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Feeling ready to give up on teaching daughter to crawl :-( she's almost 10 months and still has NO interest! I give her tummy time and she just ends up scooting backwards and getting stuck under the piano bench screaming! She loves to stand though - thinking maybe we should just focus on that and she can go straight to walking... that maybe she doesn't need to crawl... But I have heard that crawling is an important developmental stage both emotionally and physically (for developing fine motor skills for example, you need that pressure on the hands?) Anyone know anything about this? Anyone have any tips on how we can get her to start crawling without pushing her too hard - it's gotten to the point that every time I put her on her tummy, she cries cause she knows what I expect of her, I guess. She used to love tummy time until I tried to get her to move! I don't want this to be a negative thing!


Shana - posted on 10/01/2009




You can give up making your daughter crawl. Once she starts walking, you can make crawling a game and teach her to crawl. I was told that it is a developmental milestone that they have to reach, otherwise there could be issues later on. Take the pressure off and she may start crawling on her own.

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As long as she has tummy time and is bearing weight through her arms she should do just fine developing upper body strength and fine motor coordination. The actual weight bearing through the arms is whats important-not the actual act of crawling. Not to worry! Just get some rest because once she starts walking you'll be chasing after her all day!!

Sarah - posted on 09/30/2009




Let it be her thing not your thing. You are trying to push her to do something she is not ready to do. Crawling and walking are things you can help them with in learning, but you can't make them do it. They have to do it when they are ready. Each child will do it in their own time. Some kids will walk before they crawl. Some never really crawl. My daughter rolled most of the time and then went to walking. She tried to crawl, but could get around rolling faster, so had no interest in crawling. It did not make a difference in her fine motor skills. She has been ahead of her age in all of her learning (except for the crawling). She is very much a self learner, so will get really frustrated when you are taking the control away from her. My suggestion to you would to not push the learning. Let the learning be enjoyable and fun. Create environments that encourage the learning, but don't be a "drill sergent" with it. For example learning colors....instead of using flash cards and making them sit and repeat back. Make it a game. Use toys, pick out ones with just one color on them and show them one toy. Say the color and have them find another with that same color. You can do this with counting also, count how many toys are that color. This makes learning fun and enjoyable. The child feels like they are just playing a game and not being forced to do something.

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Don't worry about it so much:o) My daughter is 9.5 months and she really doesn't want to crawl either. I don't force the issue and I don't try to help her. She has come a long way since I stopped helping her try to figure it out. I think it's because she wants to do it be herself and I'm fine with that. She has recently figured out that she can hold things and pull herself up to a standing position, so that's all she wants to do right now. My brother never crawled, and he turned out fine (well, as his sister I have other opinions at times, but it has nothing to do with never crawling:o))

I would just wait and see how she develops on her own for a bit. Maybe without any pressure she'll become a crawling champ!!

Good luck:o)


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Etta - posted on 10/02/2009




Children develop at their own pace. Scooting backwards is often a precursor to crawling. Some really enjoy rolling. My son belly dragged for a couple months before crawling. Just don't stress over this and enjoy your time with your baby. This time passes too quickly.

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Some children just don't crawl. They go straight to cruising and then walking. All children learn at their own pace so do not push your child to crawl. She will crawl when she is ready or if not then she will just go straigh to walking. I think there are plenty of other activities to enhance your childs fine motor skills. Search internet. You can get a bucket and fill it with age appropriate sized balls where she can transfer them from one bucket to the other.

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My mum reckons that I never crawled, I went pretty much straight to walking and I manage okay! She felt the same as you, and had to deal with well-meaning and/or competitive other mums telling her that it was bad that I didn't crawl. But I think I ended up walking before all those other kids, so :P to them, I say!

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My daughter never crawled. She hated tummy time and wouldn't even try crawling. She started walking at 11 months and hasn't slowed down since. She is now a cheerleader. Your daughter will be just fine without crawling.

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My son's grandma is a babydoctor and I'm always asking her questions about everything.. and when I used to complain that my son didnt have any interest in being on his stomach or crawling, she told me numerous times that some babies never crawl. and it's no big deal. :) so don't worry about it!

Alyssa - posted on 09/30/2009




My son did the same thing. He would have rather been standing and slowly walking along the sofa or chairs. You just have to be patient with her. Try kneeling behind her and proping her legs up under her like she's going to start crawling. I did that every time he was on the floor and adventually he started bouncing like he wanted to crawl then adventually he got it and now he crawls everywhere. I can't tell you how important it is to be patient with her she'll soon get it and then she'll be in evrything. Hope this helps you. Good Luck!

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I have read it both ways as far as whether crawling is a necessary developmental thing, but I think if she's getting upset then you should stop pushing her. She will develop in her own time and way and if she skips crawling it's no big deal.

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