Real talk or non-sense?

Nikkita - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




Hello all! I'm still pregnant...almost 5 months to be exact. I've been hearing some things that I don't know if they are real or just myths. Can anybody help me sort these things out? Thanks! =)

1. If you srcatch your stomach it will cause stretch marks, so rub it instead.

2. If you consume lots of citrus, your baby will have "acid spots," which are birth marks lighter than his/her skin.

3. If you reach above your head, you'll make the umbilical cord wrap around the baby's neck, hince choking the baby to death.

That's all I can think of. Please comment on these, and if you can think of anymore things that I'll probably hear, please post them as well (letting me know if it's real or non-sense). Thanks in advance! =)


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Ruth - posted on 09/16/2009




Stretching over your head won't wrap the cord, but it can put you off balance, and stretching too far up (trying to get something heavy on a high shelf) can put a lot of stress on your back--so not dangerous to the baby, but doing it too much can make you more uncomfortable.

Robin - posted on 09/16/2009




I was told the same thing about the umbilical cord and I dont know still, but the citrus thing well thats non sense, when I was preggo with my son my biggest craving was oranges, I got a bag from costco of the clementine oranges, and took them home to snack on and watch a movie, I didnt realize I had eaten the whole box until I went to eat another and there wasnt one! my son is perfectly healthy NO SPOTS, and never been sick, and IT NOT possible to cause stretch marks by scratching, nor does any lotion prevent them, if you are going to get them you are going to get them if not then your lucky!

Amanda - posted on 09/16/2009




Hi Nikkita - I think those are all myths. I craved oranges throughout my whole pregnancy and ate them constantly. My daughter was born perfect - no spots :-) I do know if you scratch your belly, it might make stretchmarks worse. Put lots of cocoa butter - that might help with the itching.

Marina - posted on 09/14/2009




As a 50 year old mom of 3 kids now ages 23, 18 & 16 I have heard it all in terms of myths while pregnant.
After losing 100 pounds after the birth of my third child I realized the most important thing in pregnancy is healthy eating and movement.
Stay active for you and baby!

Here is a walking song by me for you from
Stay well and as always,,,

Never Stop Movin'!


Sarah - posted on 09/13/2009




Those are all old wives tales. There are lots of them....heartburn means baby will have lots of hair. If you eat certain things certain things will happen. There are some ones also to predict gender of baby too. Fun to do, but just old wives tales.

Nicole - posted on 09/13/2009




scratching stretch marks will make them temporarily appear redder, but it will go away. Thats about the only difference between rubbing and scratching. Dunno about the other two.

Lynlee - posted on 09/13/2009




I don't think any of those myths are true. Stretch marks are caused by the skin stretching quickly. A scratch won't do it. I havent heard about the citrus one but it has the ring of rubbish about it! You should restrict yourself to no more than three servings of fruit in any case, due to the high sugar content. The last one definately is a myth - how could that possibly work? In fact most babies do have the cord around their neck - its just that most of the time it's not a problem.

Marley - posted on 09/13/2009




I know for a fact the "reaching about your head" one is non-sense. I saw a pregnancy-for-dummies show where they talked about it!

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