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my baby is 7 weeks and always spits up after feeding like up to 10 times not a big amout just a little. it also makes it hard for him sleep i tried elevating him while feeding and hen sleeping what can i do?


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Crystal - posted on 08/18/2009




If he/she isn't spitting up much I wouldn't worry about it as much. As long as they are gaining weight, they don't worry about it as much either. My first son spit up every time he ate not much, just a little, and they wouldn't ever do anything for him. Once he started on solid foods etc, it was better. They did put him on the Enfamil AR formula. It has rice starch in it and it did seem to help him not spit up as often. They don't always have to spit up to have reflux either though. My second son has finally been diagnosed with it after 3 months of arguing with dr's about it and he is on medication for it. He has only spit up I think 3 or 4 times ever and he's 10 months old now. I would definitely elevate his head while he sleeps, this helps to keep the acid down. The liquids are lighter than solid foods, which is why they come up easier. My youngest has occupational therapy and all kinds of stuff, and I've heard this several times from several different people. You may try the AR formula and see if it helps too.

Mary - posted on 08/18/2009




my baby is 9 weeks now and has reflux she spits up after every feed we went to the docs who referred us to the hosp they put my little one on baby gaviscon which has helped so i would advise u to go to docs and just have it checked .

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