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When should you get your baby into a strict routine. My little man follows quite a good routine most nights but every now and then he will sleep at strange times and then bath time and supper time are later than usual. Should I wake him or let him sleep and just bath and feed him a little later than usual? He's five months old now.


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I just went with my daughter's natural schedule. She wakes up between 5 and 7 in the morning, then gets a bottle, then plays for a bit then sleeps, then the whole thing goes again, with some baby food/cereal inbetween now. At around 7:30 to 9 in the evening, she will have her last bottle, be put in her pjs and put in bed. I give her a bath whenever I have time during the day, usually every other day. She stays awake for about 2 hours between her naps. She eats roughly every 3 hours.

I thought following her schedule was easier then just throwing it out and making my own. If my daughter is sleeping past a feeding during the day, I let her sleep. That's why her wake up times and bed times are not all at the same times, sometimes she just take an hour long nap, sometimes she wakes in a half hour, plays again and then eats, sometimes she will sleep for 2 hours...I am ok with the flexable schedule...makes me stress less =]

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kids change SO many times. you kinda have to go with the flow in my opinion. if it's one day, just go with his pattern. If he starts doing it alot, you may want to adjust your routine. my routine has changed multiple times since k was born...the point is to have A routine...but don't worry if it needs tweaking now and then.

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Have a look at this

I swear by her - its a routine but its about what you do not what times u do it! I think it works better that way cos children are not going to eat and sleep the exact same everyday... Hope it helps, its worked a dream on my little man!

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I am going through the same dilemma with my 15+week old son. He is a major cat napper and stays grumpy so i have opted to try out a strict-ish routine with bedtime and wake up at 7pm and 7am. He has always kind of went to bed around 7 and woken up for feeds then back to bed and awake between 6am and 7am so it is similar.

I really needed something more structured during the days to keep my sanity!! My husband is away alot for work (2-3 weeks at a time) and I find if I let my baby do his own thing I end up 'trapped' at home with a grumpy baby all day. Now that I am kind of scheduling naps and teaching him to self settle I get out a lot more and have started exercising with my baby at the beach.

It feels good to have some sort of life back:) There are good days and bad and I am making a few changes to the suggested routine in the book i am reading to suit my son's needs (he is hungrier than the feeds it allows so I have thrown in an extra one for now and will continue to adjust according to his needs). It is from 'SAVE OUR SLEEP' by Tizze Hall. He has started to have longer naps and wakes up happier:) Happy baby = happy mother!! We get a lot more out of playtime now as well because he is not always over tired etc.

I believe in routines as your baby will know what is coming next and feel secure and you get a life:) But i think you have to be flexible in case things don't go as planned or if you go out, travel etc.

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My son has been on a strict eating and sleeping routine since he was 2 1/2 months old babies love routine and you can start as early as 2 months, my son is in bed by 7pm every night and he will sleep till 7am without waking. I wouldn't change his routine unless he's not sleeping through the night



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Most babies wont stick to a "strict" routine. You have to allow for "off" days and be flexible. If you try to make him sleep at the exact same time and feed at the exact same time you will probably make life more difficult as most babies respond badly (i.e. start waking more at night if they weren't allowed to sleep when they wanted during the day).

If most of the time you have a basic schedule (rather than strict routine) which allows you to plan the things you need to get done then you are doing fantastic! On those odd days just go with the flow. Let him sleep and feed him later.

Also your little boy will occasionally go through developmental stages and growth spurts that mean he needs a little more sleep. You wont necessarily always know that he is sleeping longer for a reason so its best to let him get the sleep his little body is telling him it needs. Sometimes nature knows best.

Sounds like you are doing a great job. :)

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go with what feels right for you and baby.. there is no "proper" way to deal with routines. it sounds like you are doing just fine so relax and go with what works. you can stick to your routine but every now and again life has its own ideas, not everything can be planned all of the time.

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I put my daughter on a schedule around 4 months but it's not super strict. I started paying attention to when she would get tired and made that her set nap and bed time every day she goes down for a nap everyday at 2 and will sleep until anywhere from 4 to 5 but I don't let her sleep past 5 because it makes her crankier in the evenings. Bedtime is everynight at 830 where we have our usual nightly routine of a bath, pjs, story and then bed. She usually sleeps until around 9am and then from there I get her dressed and then feed her. Obviously some days are different though depending on if she is sick or in a mood, the scheduled times might stray a little bit sometimes but the general routine does not. Hope this helps!! :)

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