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just wondering what everyones views on routines were?


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My little boy loves his routine. We started enforcing it when he was 3 months old (first at night then a couple of weeks later in the day). It is quite baby led though. To start with I observed what it was he did then I made his routine around it.

Wake-up 6.30am

Bfast 7-7.30am


Morning nap 9 to10.30-11.30am


Lunch 12.30 - 1.30pm


Afternoon nap 2 to 4 - 4.30pm


Dinner 5 - 5.30pm


Bath 6pm

Supper (bottle before bed) 6.25pm

Bed and story 6.30pm

Then we start again the next day. We do change this around depending upon what is going on in the day.

I find that the negative aspect of having a routine is if you need to go out of routine (really out of routine ie if you have a party to go to) the baby is still in his routine and so still gets tired at bedtime and becomes quite grumpy. However, I do still think having a routine is great because both of you know where you are.

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my baby likes her routine she set it herself when she was about 4 months old it is easy on me as I know what she will be doing in am she wakes up diaper change eats and plays , diaper change then has a 2 hour long nap then wakes up diaper change eats plays diaper change and then a 2 hour nap then wakes diaper change eats bath then plays and sleep she wakes about 12am to eat then she sleeps until 7am

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