scared to death of getting pregnant after a tramatic first pregnancy

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i can get preggo again but the first one was terrible and everything with me went wrong and am scared of even having sex for fear of getting pregnant. anyone alse have any similar issues?


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Rachel - posted on 07/01/2009




Oh yes! I had a high risk, high stress pregnancy and was terrified to even think about the possibility of another one so soon. It did pass. Eventually I realized I'd love to have another but also I took the lead in birth control and counting my days/ovulation too. I know now when I can't get pregnant and that is what helped me relax and want sex again. But even then, I know that I'll be scared to death if we have another. I am finding a new doctor, picked a new hospital and plan on getting healthier to combat the issues I know I'll have or don't want to repeat. Its in getting in control of what I wasn't in control before that I know the next one will be much better.

BJ - posted on 07/01/2009




I had a horrible labor.And I was terrified.I worried the whole time I was pregnant with my 1st child that something was wrong or going to go wrong.I was scared to be with my husband again.If we did do something I would worry until my period came.I dont know your whole situation but it is ok to feel that way.It does eventually pass though if that makes you fell any better! " )

Amanda - posted on 07/01/2009




Hi heather,

Well, Everything for me went wrong,twice, and I lost both,in my second trimester. in a 2 year span. After this, my husband and i was were so guarded about trying again. It took a long time after the 2 losses to even want to be intimate again (without precautions). But my love for my husband kind of took over in a sense and when the time was right,we concieved again.....And yes, I have a beautiful,healthy,happy baby boy, who I don't think i could love anyomre than i do. I waited for him ,sent right from heaven...we couldn't be happier. So let yourself,heal-mind,body,& heart. I drew strength from God to get me thru with the support of my husband.When the time is right, you'll know your ready,don't force it. I'll pray for you. My heart goes out to you.

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