scared to feed my 8.5 month old finger foods help

Natasha - posted on 10/11/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




so far my little girl has been eating all the stage 2 foods but i still cant bring myself to giving her finger foods. in some way i dont think she is ready. she doesnt seem to chew just swallow. i've tried different textures with her and it seems as though she gags on everything.

on the other hand i know that i may be the one holding her back as well due to my fear of her choking and me not being able to save her. it really stresses me out.

what are some safe first finger foods?

i would also like to mention that i am a first time mom and wonder if its normal to be this stressed out over it?


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I think it's normal to be worried about them choking. My son has been on finger foods since 6 months and I still won't leave the room if he has food near him because I'm afraid he'll put something in his mouth and choke on he. He has definitely gagged a few times and that is very scary but the best thing to do is to let them work it out themselves. Only if they are no longer coughing or breathing should you try to help them. Remember that it's something new so they will probably gag but that is how they learn to chew and swallow so just let her work it out on her own.

Sarah - posted on 10/11/2009




Start with foods that dissolve easily. Cheerios, and Graham Crackers are good ones. Gerber also makes little snacks that are good first finger foods that disolve easily. I believe they are called "puffs". Finger foods are a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills. One of the first skills they develop is the ability to pick up small things with their thumb and pointer finger. As she gets used to eating the easily disolvable foods you can then move up to foods that can be broken up easily and soft. ie: pancakes, eggs, toast or bread.


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Stephanie - posted on 10/13/2009




My son was born early and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. We still use their developmental clinic and they suggested Cheerios. The developmental staff also says NEVER to feed a baby Stage 3 foods because they will just swallow and choke on the chunks. Because of his milestone of making it to his 6 month birthday we gave him part of a cupcake. It's not something that I would suggest doing all of the time, but it was a good learning experience for him because it was soft but he still had to chew it.

Mandi - posted on 10/13/2009




This was my biggest fear with all the young children I have watched over throughout my life. The best finger foods to start with are soft cooked veggies, like string beans, or french fries, cereal also works good like cheerios and what-not.

What I did was invited my mom over for a feeding and watched what she reached for as well as the quantity she would give.

Ultimately, trust in what you observe with your baby. If you don't think she's ready, then wait. Often times, the baby will show interest in what you're eating, and that will probably be your first clue to start trying bigger foods. (In small doses of course!)

Just know, that there is no absolute when it comes to babies and timelines, we're all different. :)

Rosilee - posted on 10/12/2009




i never gave my daughter jar foods just what we ate but her finger food`s were easy to swallow. like asparagus,toast with dippy egg, fruits rockmelon, watermelon, cheese, tomatoes but be carefull with them they go straight through... bananas not mashed is good, peas they are good as they learn to pick them up its sooo cute to watch

Iysha - posted on 10/12/2009




I suggest renting a CPR DVD so you can learn what to do in case your baby does start to choke on something. I did just to brush up on it since my certification is almost expired and I feel more confident knowing that the rest of my family watched it too. I'm one of those people that like to be baby is still just on the bottle, she's only 3 months old. lol.

Those crackers the other moms suggested are great, a lot of my friends use cheerios and graham crackers with their babies. Sarah is right, giving babies cherios and things they can pick up with their fingers is excellent for developing and mastering their small motor skills.

Stephanie - posted on 10/12/2009




My daughter is 7 months old and I feel the same way. Im very nervous about giving her real food, so far were doing stage 2 foods too, and she still doesnt even seem to like it very much. Im not sure if she is ready for foods yet, but I dont want to be holding her back.

Natasha - posted on 10/12/2009




i feel kinda silly being so scared but i just cant shake the feeling that she will choke and i wont be able to save her.

so thank you for your comments and i will start off with the soft foods and ones that desolve and we will see what happens.

thanks again :)

Brittany - posted on 10/11/2009




I was absolutely terrified to give my daughter finger foods too. She is now ten months old and not eating any baby food (other then cereal in the morning). I gave her all the soft stuff too with chunkies but she couldnt really tell the difference between the chunks and the paste, so she would just swallow instead of chew. so i gave her some eggs (scrambled) because they are soft, and she had no problem. from that day on she has been fine, but if i give her soft food with chunks she just swallows like she did before. Try this out. im a first time mom too and i was crazy stressed about the food. just take it slow cause it is scary, for the longest time i wouldnt give her hamburger because the first time she gagged on it a little bit. so be patient and slow and go and yours and your baby's pace, if your really nervous then feed the baby when someone is around that way someone else is there to calm you down and help you out in the off chance that something happens. good luck!

Jessica - posted on 10/11/2009




i think you should listen to what she is telling you and safe figure foods you should start her off on anything that could dissolve with her saliva like saltine crackers or those babie cookies heycan just chew on pretty much and it just dissolves. it helps my daughter teeth too. also you could give her french fries with a close supervision.

Michelle - posted on 10/11/2009




There's something called mum mum rice ruskers, you can get them at walmart, or at vitamin cottage, off of amazon, etc. Anyway they are perfect first foods because they dissolve in their mouth as they eat them. It's very difficult for them to choke on them. The little cereal puffs are good too. They are great starters.

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