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Shakira - posted on 12/13/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




The past couple of nights our son has actually decided to go to sleep at a normal hour so my hubby and I decided to try and have sex. I have a very small sex drive so we try to take advantage when I am in the mood. The foreplay was fine but when he tried to enter me it hurt like all hell. I thought since I had a c-section there wouldn't be a problem down there but boy I was wrong. Is this normal for sex to be painful and how do you make the pain go away so you can enjoy and in our case actually have sex?


GinaMarie - posted on 12/13/2009




I just had my son November 4, and I had a c section... I have noticed that during sex I was uncomfortable and sore on the inside but not to painful I think the tissue and everything down there is sore from our uterus changing and our hormones... I tried using a lubricant and things went smoother. It could also be that I haven't had sex in a while and didn't have much of a libido towards the end of pregnancy so it has been a while...And if you are breast feeding or even not it could make a difference on how much your body or how fast your body is back to normal even though we didn't give birth vaginally everything got really stretched out including the cervix which a lot of time during sex can get bumped or irritated try different positions that put less pressure on you if still have a problem ask obgyn to make sure your okay ... good luck

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