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Marie - posted on 12/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




there's got to be people out there, who are so! proud of what life has given to them,...people who remember all the me!
i've had 3 pregnancy and delivery experiences, and i've been handed 4 beautiful children!


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Marie - posted on 12/12/2009




beautiful!!! what a happy ending, i'm so glad things turned around for you, my boyfriend isn't a morning person either, and he was the same way, lol

Marie - posted on 12/12/2009




i'll start with my first...

my only daughter! Willow, she's now 4 years old, beautiful, smart and funny...

i found out about a week after i hadn't gotten my period yet that i was pregnant, i just had this gut feeling before i took the test, and when it came back i was stunned to say at the least, i was so scared, unbelievably not ready (or so i thought) and i didn't enjoy the pregnancy at all, when she started kicking sometimes i would be comforted, knowing she was okay, but other times i wished she would stop moving so i could feel 'un-pregnant' i was SO sick with her, almost everything made me vomit, so i was confined to my bedroom, where i had smells to my taste

we never found out her gender until the day she was born, sometimes i wished i knew, but other times i was so excited to find out after i had her

thinking back now, i wish i enjoyed that pregnancy more, i feel so bad i didn't love her as much on the inside as i do on the outside

she went 9 days over her due date, another 3 days and i was going to be induced, i was getting pretty scared

when i started having contractions i knew right away what they were, they kept waking me up to the point i had no choice but to stay awake, they started at 12:15am

pretty much from the get-go they were intense, and just kept getting worse as time grew on, but i didn't end up going to the hospital until 12am the next night

when i got there, they checked me and i was 3cm, by 4cm i asked for an epidural, and tried to sleep as much as i could, but i only managed to close my eyes...and think about what was to come!

at about 3am the epidural wore off and i felt those contractions, worse than anything, so i called the nurse, who set me right back up again! ahhh...the relief

at 10:15am the nurse checked me and said i was mind went could i be? i didn't feel a thing! they stopped the epidural and waited until i felt like pushing...10:30am, i started to push....SO HARD! they gave me an episiotomy(sp) (which, i had no idea they had done) and out she came, at 11:18am, a healthy 8lb 6oz baby GIRL!!! i was in LOVE as soon as i saw her! from all the pushing when she came out her head was twice the size, but by the time they handed her to me, it had gone down enough for me to only recognize her as a normal baby, my mom told me if i had of seen it i probably would have freaked!

i am so proud of her now!!!

now....pregnancy #2, my handsome little man, Nicholas...a typical 2 year old to say at the least!!

i found out around the same time i did with Willow, and again, i had the gut feeling, i knew there wasn't any other explanation! i was scared, only because it was so close after having my first, i didn't know how i was going to be able to cope

i loved being pregnant with him, i was barely sick, gained the right amount of weight, and everything was perfect

we found out he was a boy at 20 weeks, and i was too happy for words to explain...a girl and a boy! PERFECT!!!

i started having contractions at 2am, and again, knew that's what they were....and ON his due date of all days!!!

at 7am, i called my mom and sister, my mom to watch willow, and my sister to support me in the hospital, i was feeling it was time to go, but after they got there...i just felt like resting for a bit longer...

my mom took willow back to her place, my sister and boyfriend went back to sleep, and i laid on the couch and watched tv...

i got up, walked around for an hour, laid back down....and felt like pushing....OH MY GOD...what a terribly scary feeling

we called for an ambulance, they came, eventually got me down 3 flights of stairs, and on my way i an ambulance...pushing every time i had a way was i having Nicholas this way! and we were stuck in traffic too...just to add to the 'scaryness'

when we got to the hospital, the nurses didn't believe i was pushing, until i had a contraction and tried so hard holding it in, they rushed me into a room and told me to push...i pushed ONCE! and out he came, a beautiful, healthy 7lb baby at 4:25pm....on his actual birthday! there was nothing wrong with him at all

and my third pregnancy...the birth of my beautiful baby boys Benjamin and Kasey, now 10 months old

again, i knew i was pregnant days before i took the test...but this time, before they sent me for an ultra sound i was thinking 'there's more than 1 baby, or something went wrong' we go, and see 2 heart beats, which at first i think is just 1 reflecting off the other, and when it was confirmed there was 2....i was...full of joy, i couldn't believe how lucky i be pregnant with 2 be the mother of twins!

i was sick for the first 3 months off and on, and that's when they started sending me for an ultrasound every 2 weeks, i absolutely loved seeing them so often

every kick, every turn, every hiccup, i cherished, so much...i never wanted to stop feeling that..always having them so close to me, and each other, we found out they were boys at 18 weeks, i couldn't have asked for a better situation! (i would have thought the same thing with 2 girls :))

when i had free time i would just lay down and watch my belly, hold my belly..and love my belly...i didn't want anything to happen to either one of them, i tried my hardest to keep them happy and healthy in there!

every check up went amazing..they were growing, and then they started to 'learn how to breath' and i was too happy....they were practicing!

when i started contracting it was 5am, i immediately called my mom, she had to get to my place at the other end of the city to care for my 2 oldest babies! when she got here, we talked...we were both so excited, and then i decided i should go, i didn't want the same situation i had with Nicholas!

so...i got on a BUS! (my great grandmother thinks this is hilarious) i figured...let's save money from the cab! it's about a half hour bus ride to the hospital...when we got there, we went up, a nurse asked if i needed to use the washroom...i sure did...but when i tried, i couldn't...i wiped...and there was just a bunch of blood, the blood from my face drained and i made my way back out, and told her, she checked me right away and said 'YOU'RE FULLY!' AS IF!!! HOW?!?!?!?!?

they rushed me into the c-section room, there was no time for an epidural (i forgot to mention...the second baby to come out (Kasey) kept flipping his position, but the last ultrasound said he was head down, Benjamin always stayed head down) i was much of an emergency was this?

they got me ready, and i started to push, i had never felt as much pain as i did with these 2, it was unbearable, but i did it! we had Benjamin,10:59am, weighing 5lbs 1oz, they checked him over, bundled him up, and 3 minutes later he was in daddy's arms, as healthy as can be!

as i'm staring over at him, they're trying to hold Kasey's head in place so he couldn't flip, and i start pushing again...again, it hurt like pure hell...

we had Kasey at 11:04am, weighing 5lbs....HEALTHY AS CAN BE!!! they never had to go to the NICU...they stayed with me for 2 days in the hospital and we were discarged....amazing...

in my opinion, i wouldn't have had it any other way, they all continue to grow, and are as happy as can be! i love my family, and i love my life, i wouldn't change it for anything

Iysha - posted on 12/12/2009




I was in preterm labor at 33 weeks. A week before, i had major hemorraging...after sex, and so I went to the hospital and was sent back since it stopped. So, at 33 weeks, i was having a little soptting and then some clot looking thing came out. i was freaking out and couldn't get through to the doctor's office on the phone so i decided to just drive there. It was a 30 min. drive so i called my mom who worked down the street from there to go over and let them know I'm comming. lol. They called and told me o just go to the hospital. I was at th hospital and I was in labor...having contractions every 3 minutes and not feeling them at all. I was put on bed rest and stayed in the hospital for 9 days because they couldn't figure out wha the hell was wrong with baby's heart rate was dropping for a little while every night and she was measuring smaller for her age. They thought I had preclampsia and all this other crap, but i was fine. Turns out I had an aging placenta. I missed my baby shower...I was released the day of the baby shower 3 hours after it was supposed to start...bummer.

Four days after leaving the hospital, I was 35 weeks along and I had my first contraction ( well the first I could feel). It was at 2 am....the exact time I woke myself up to take nifedipine (the drug to keep me from going into labor). i was at the hospital at 5:23 am and went to the front door. lol. It didn't open until 5:30 but my fiance asked if they could let us in since I was in labor. He was grumpy to the nurse.

They had tried to stop my labor again but my water had broken so I was going to have the baby that day. He was asleep on the chair. lol. The nurse woke him up and was like, " how can yo be sleeping? You do realize she is going to have the baby today?" He snapped back, "Well she isn't having it right now is she?? Leave me alone!" lol. He is not a morning person.

I had my daughter at 1:37 pm. I got a worry from the speech the nurse gave me before hand...My daughter was a preemie and she was supposed to be about 3 pounds at the time I gave birth. They had explained to me every possible thing that could go wrong. As soon as she came, i heard her scream and I cried. Right then I knew she was ok. As soon as they wrapped her up and put her in my arms I felt relieved..she was perfect. I saw my Fiance give her a kiss and I swear I had never been more in love with him. It was a perfect moment but it didn't last long because she had to go to the NICU to be evaluated.

Right after they took her to the NICU, my Fiance came back to give us her stats. She was a surprising 5lbs 6oz and 17 3/4 in long. Way bigger than they thought. The nurse gave me the ok to eat something, so I ordered chicken tacos, french fries and a Coke. lol. I was there for 9 days before so I knew what I liked. =]

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