Should frozen breast milk taste funny?

Monika - posted on 09/22/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I've been giving my almost 5 month some of frozen milk from's been in a deep freezer. I tasted it today and it was awful!!! Left a gross after taste...nothing like how it is fresh. Is it bad milk?


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A lactation consultant told me that if your milk is really fatty then freezing it can make it taste soapy. She said to heat it on the stove to "scorching" but don't boil it. My milk is fatty, but my daughter doesn't seem to mind the taste of it when it's frozen. If you feel like it tastes bad like it's rotten, then throw it out.

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I agree with Sara. Some women have more lipase in their milk than others- and can leave a bitter taste in the milk when it is stored. Scorching the milk can remove the taste.


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Marquita - posted on 09/27/2009





I have given my son frozen milk quite a few times after i pump i freeze or remove it from the refrigerator put it in my blender for a few seconds and then pour it back into the bottle and freeze it. We have never had any problems with the frozen milk itself just the fact that it was not coming from the actual breast. I used the bottles that come with my breast pump opposed to bags. Have any of you tried bottles?

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Quoting Monika:

Should frozen breast milk taste funny?

I've been giving my almost 5 month some of frozen milk from's been in a deep freezer. I tasted it today and it was awful!!! Left a gross after taste...nothing like how it is fresh. Is it bad milk?

No, it is fine. But freezing and then thawing the milk does change the flavor, but the nutrients are the same, and dont worry the milk is not spoiled.

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My son NEVER took milk after it had been frozen. I just thought he was picky until I tried it a few weeks ago when I realized my daughter wouldn't take it either. It was HORRIBLE!! I was told the same as Lisa that some milk after it's been frozen will leave a bitter taste. I haven't tried scorching it, but that sounds like a good suggestion.

Jennifer - posted on 09/22/2009




I had the same thing happen to me. I had been storing my milk in the proper freezer bags provided with my pump. Labeled the bags and put them in the deep freezer. I defrosted my milk in the fridge over night then warmed it up in hot water ( not boiling ) and decided to taste it before giving it to was AWEFUL !!!! It was sour.
I ended up throwing out 30 bags of milk. I am not sure if it was bad but didnt want to take the risk.
I have no idea what I did wrong....

Ashley - posted on 09/22/2009




It shouldn't be bad...did you immediately put it in the freezer after pumping? Is it in a proper bag or container for breastmilk?

I go tthis off of

According to the book "Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift" by Pamela K. Wiggins, IBCLC:

Breastmilk can be kept in the refrigerator for about 5 days, and up to two weeks in the freezer section of your refrigerator. It will keep three months or longer in a deep freeze. Because it is so fresh, it will keep up to 10 hours at room temperature without spoiling.

Frozen breastmilk should be thawed out under warm running water. Never thaw it out in a microwave, because it will destroy some of the valuable nutrients, and it could cause dangerous "hot spots" that might burn the inside of your baby's mouth.

Collect and store the breast milk in hard plastic bottles, or disposable nursing bags. Only put two or three ounces in each bottle because your baby may not take any more than that at a feeding and any unused milk will have to be thrown out. You can always thaw out another bottle if the baby needs it. Always write the date on it and use the oldest milk first.

But, (as the popular saying goes) if in doubt, throw it out! :)

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