should i be worried?

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hello girls, i wondering if i should be worried that my son likes to take medicine! does not matter what it taste like every time i pull the bottle out he gives me this grin like i'm about to give him candy. he is 10 months old, likes medicine and doesn't cry when receiving a shot!


Jaime - posted on 11/21/2009




They make medicine taste good these days for a reason! Just keep it put up unless he needs it! As for not crying during shots... What a stud!!! Does he cry when he gets hurt? If not then he may have a nerve disorder. If he does cry then, like I said! What a stud!! I wish my kids didn't have a meltdown every time they got shots!


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Just be careful to put things babies like their gross vitamins too..and don't cry about shots as long as I hold them during them..meanwhile my 2 year old loves his chewy vitamins and can open child proof containers..and he was the same way when he was little...gotta watch him every minute.

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ugggh...he takes everything even the nasty vitamins! thanks girls, for making me feel better about this.

Hanna - posted on 11/22/2009




it's not a bad thing, just make sure your medicine cabinet is on lock & key once he starts walking & climbing on things. you don't want him getting to it and taking some thinking it's candy. and once they start getting around, you'll be surprised how high up they can climb (stack chairs & books and whatever else they need to get to that top shelf) so just lock it up. good luck to you!

Brandi - posted on 11/21/2009




My kids LOVE to take medicine and my daughter is 3 and a half. I have NEVER had any trouble getting either of them to take medicine. Your only worry should be to KEEP THE MEDS PUT UP WAY HIGH!!!!!!!!! My daughter found my son's infant tylenol once and figured out how to get the cap off. I caught her before she had a chance to take any, but i never thought she would be able to get it open. BUT SHE DID

Chelle - posted on 11/21/2009




my two year old neice like medicen aswell.... if my daughter or her brother need it she will ask if she can have some and start telling lies and saying she has a belly ache. shes the same with tooth paste. i think its just a case of what they cant have they want. alot of kids have had to have there stomaches pumped because they found a bottle of medicen and drunk it. so keep them well out of sight. id suggest if he needs a spoon of medicen to pour it out of sight and put the bottle away before he even knows he gunna get some... as for not cryin when he gets jabs, thats a good thing. i wouldnt worry too much... your lucky you have a brave boy. my daughter screams the building down when she gets them.

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my 13 month old is the same. She gets upset when I put the lid back on the Calpol or teething gel!

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