should my 7 month be crawling and sitting up by know also should se have her fist tooth by know


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Sarah - posted on 10/11/2009




Children develop at different rates. Some are going to do everything early and others will do things later. All depends on the child, their temperment, and at times their weight. A child that weighs less SOMETIMES has an easier time because they have less weight they have to move around and balance. But this does not mean every small child will do things early. Some kids just enjoy where they are at developmentally and are not in a big hurry to do the next thing. If you feel that there might be something wrong I would talk to your doc about it. Teeth are the same way. Some kids start getting teeth almost right away after they are born, others are over 1 yr. before they get their first tooth. Again if you think there might be something wrong talk to your dentist to make sure everything is good.

APRIL - posted on 10/11/2009




Actually I have a niece who did not crawl at all she went straight to walking, which she didn't do that until almost a year old! But the weird thing is she crawls now when shes being lazy and the tooth thing every baby is different and they get there teeth in at different times, if your really worried about it ask you dr. or dentist! Sorry I wasn't alot of help!

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