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Samantha - posted on 08/18/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 11 week old has a cold. she's stuffy in her nose and a little congested. My husband is a paramedic and said shes congested in her lower lobes but pretty clear in the higher lobes. They took the baby decongestiants off the market so i don't know what to do. the "bugar sucker" doesn't seem to help much. she's has trouble eating a sucking on her pacifier some times because she can't breath. but no feever. i hate to take her to the doc for just a cold. but i just don't know what to do for a little baby and how it afects her. any suggestions?


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Vanessa - posted on 08/18/2009




Let her sleep in her car seat or infant chair at an angle so that she can drain. THere are also saline drops for the nose that you can get that should help clear out the boggies. Don't feel bad about taking her to the dr. either, thats what they are there for and they expect it. You may try just calling the dr. and see what they suggest, but that is what we have done for our son.

Crystal - posted on 08/18/2009




They do have a baby Vick's vapo rub that they suggest being 3 months old I believe. I used it a little earlier than 3 months with my son and it helped get him to sleep a little easier. It's VERY mild smelling. I would use a warm mist humidifier, and run hot water in the bathroom every night, if not more than once a day, and let it get all steamy and sit in there and play with him or helps open them up so they can breath a lot better. These have all worked well for me.

Mikkii - posted on 08/18/2009




my doctor told me not to bring my baby in with a cold unless he had a fever to. the thing that he recommended that worked really well was to steam up the bathroom and sit with him in there for a little while.

Jackie - posted on 08/18/2009




My baby was only about 10 weeks old when he got his first cold. I didn't know if I take him to the doctor or not so I called and spoke to a nurse. She told me to elevate the head of his bed at night to help him breathe better, run a humidifier to decongest the nose, spray any kind of saline spray in his nose and then suck it out with the sucker thing. The saline helps moisten and clear up the congestion. It was no fun, but definitely helped. Good luck!! It took a week for his cold to go away.

Kate - posted on 08/18/2009




I would think it probably depends on whether her mucus is clear or colured, and also how long she has had her cold for. If the mucus is coloured I would take her to the doctor.

Crystal - posted on 08/18/2009




saline mist is usually the first thing a doctor will suggest. one drop in each side will do pretty quickly. then you can just suck it out with a "buger sucker". you get get it at wal-mart or just about anywhere.

Uana - posted on 08/18/2009




saline drop in her nose and use q-tip to gently clean her nose. elevate her crib at night especially and rub down with baby vapor rub. feed small amounts often... no need to be too concerned if no fever. if baby develops wheezing however take to doc could be asthma or infection.

Melissa - posted on 08/18/2009




saline solution in her nose that really helps my baby...prop her crib mattress with books or pillows so she's up...or let her sleep in a bouncy chair/swing/ car seat or the such

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