Sleeping and Feeding Problems

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Hi. I'm a first time mom, so I need help!

My 5 week old has been having issues sleeping from week 3. We would feed him at 2am, and he just would not go back to sleep. Now he just doesn't sleep. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is. He'll get drowsy, and once I put him down to nap, he starts to scream. I just can't seem to get him to sleep easily.

Just recently when he's eating, if I take the bottle away from him to burp him or if he pushes the bottle away because he needs burped, he starts screaming...LOUDLY! He's not arching his back, so I don't think it's reflux, but it's maddening. Earlier today, he did his screaming after eating bit. When he does it, he lifts his legs to his belly. He passed a big poop, and I thought that was the problem, but after the diaper change happened, he screamed again. He's finally sleeping in his swing.

We are currently giving him Enfamil Premium Lipil. We are going to switch to the gentle stomach type this evening. I've taking his rectal temp and it's fine. I've put more clothes on him, take clothes off, swaddled, and unswaddled.

Does my baby just hate me? HELP!


April - posted on 10/18/2009




baby doesnt hate you. promise you that. my little girl does something similar at times. try flipping him over so he is belly down while craddled in your you are going to rock him except with him facing the floor instead of up.your hands on his belly.this is something i have done with numerous babies over the last 15 years. it soothed most of them.

only way for baby to let you know he needs something is through crying. just because hes crying doesnt mean you have failed. it means he is 'talking' to you the only way he knows how. like any relationship it will take time to learn what each cry means.

things baby might be "saying"

1: im hungry. (if its after a feeding this probably isnt it)

2: my diaper is dirty.

3: im tired (put down with first sign of sleepy)

4: im in pain

a: belly ache

b: gas (needs to burp, fart or pooh. may have gas even after poohing. patting back, changing baby physical position, holding baby belly, rotating legs as though on a bicycle, belly time, let cry until that pushes out farts or pooh... change formula, decrease amount baby eats at each feeding... can all help)

c. diaper rash

4: some times just needs comfort: babys suck for comfort, on finger his or yours, pacifier, bottle. ive noticed my little one might get fussy after eatting if im not focusing on her while she eats. not making eye contact and talking to her.

after all else fails sometimes baby just needs to know you are there and love him. and its ok to hand him to someone else for a few minutes so you can breath. the inability to 'fix it' and hearing a baby cry for a long time can be frustrating. unfortunately babies feel our feelings and respond to them.take a moment to remember how much you love him .... and that he loves you to. sometimes he just needs to cry and for you to be there loving him while he does.crying is a 'good use of the lungs'. mother in law says will help make a good singer out of 'em. if nothing else, it will wear him out and help him sleep real good. even babies have feelings. letting him cry and letting him know its alright for him to do so will allow him to learn that its ok for him to express himself later on in life as well. (positive spin?)

hang in there, you will make it :-) and you are NOT a bad mommy. Your baby DOESNT hate you and isn't going to. baby's crying once in a while is normal.. infact, often is normal. not always easy, but its normal. Even though sometimes it feels like baby wont ever stop, 'this to will pass'. it wont last forever.

if this lasts for several hours at a time a day, for several weeks.. they call it colic. since its got a title, and it happens to alot of women and their babies, this to is normal. *grins* and isn't your fault or the babies. this to will pass.

one day you will look back on this with lots of stories to tell your sons girlfriends. write them down for your revenge with lots of pictures. *winks*


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Jessica - posted on 10/19/2009




i'm right there with you. my 3 week old was doing the same thing. we did switch her to the gentle formula and that helped with the fussiness and screaming, but i'm still working on the sleep issues

User - posted on 10/18/2009




What was his poop like? I know my son used to lift his knees to his chest when he was constipated and having trouble pooing.

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