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Andrea - posted on 12/01/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is 5 weeks old and still not sleeping at night, hes up all night n so am i. i dont know how much longer i can go on like this. any advice??


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Alysha - posted on 12/10/2010




What I did is pretty much let my daughter figure things out. In the beginning my mom had told me to let my daughter sleep, then wake her up after an hour so they don't get use to sleeping all day long. After about 3 weeks of that, I had enough because she wasn't sleeping at all during the night.
So, I basically let her sleep when she was tired and when she was awake, I would play with her and when she got tired, she'd sleep. It took about 2 months before she finally got everything figured out. But that was because on her 3 month birthday, I flipped her from her back to her stomach.
Trust me, it gets better over time. You can totally make it and after he's figured out that day is for play time and night is for sleeping, life will get much easier.
But, I have to agree with Danielle, making a schedual is a good idea. Like, for bed time and nap time, do the same things, as far as how you set him down and arrange his bed/say the same things.
For example, when I put my daughter down for a nap I always giver her kisses and tell her have a good nap.
then for bed, I either give her a bath and put lotion on her and put her in her pjs, then bring her up to bed, give her tons of kisses tell her good-night, sleep tight, have sweet dreams and I'll see you in the morning. After turning off the lights, and putting her music box on and arranging her bed. But, when i don't give her a bath at night, I lay her on her changing table, strip her down, play with her while she's naked (course she has her diaper under her butt just in case) then I put her pjs on, give her her nuk nuk, arrange her bed like the way she likes it, turn off the lights, pick her up, give her tons of kisses and say the same exact words, good-night, sweet dreams, sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning. Then lay her down on her belly and she grabs her beary and I cover her up with her blanket and she gets comfortable.

Course, she may wake up a few times during the night because she's lost her nuk nuk, but that's easy to do, walk in and find her nuk nuk, put it into her mouth, turn back on her music box and she's back asleep.

However, it'll take time and he's still young and learning. Best of luck and I hope that something will work for you.

Danielle - posted on 12/08/2010




My daughter had her days and nights mixed up and it took a good month to get her on track. I was SO exhausted because I couldn't even nap during the day, my son was 16 months old when she was born. Here's how I corrected it.

- Keep baby in a well lit area during the day.
- Keep the day time area nice and noisy. I banged around doing dishes, kept the TV loud, didn't ask my son to play quietly.
- If baby falls asleep while eating try to stimulate him by playing with him.
- Create a bedtime routine. Bath, feed, rocking chair. Stick to it.
- Keep the night time area quiet.
- Keep the night time area dark.
- Don't turn on the TV while you feed her at night. Even with the volume low, the TV lights everything up.
- No play time at night. Feed, change, sleep, that's it.

That's pretty much all I did and it fixed itself. I've heard old wives tales like flip your baby around or put your baby to sleep at the opposite end of the crib. I doubt that works.

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