Sleeping during feeds

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My baby is adorable, but it can be challenging to get him to finish his 'meals'--he'll cry indignantly to be breastfed and then starts dozing off as he is feeding. It takes a lot of energy to keep him awake! Any suggestions?


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My little one used to do this too. I'd just give his feet or the back of his neck a gentle tickle and he'd wake up enough to feed.

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I used to have problems with this as I would feed last thing at night ans our son would fall asleep after 5 minutes of feeding - i kept him awake by singing loudly to him and he would keep feeding for longer. However, I think it led to sleeping problems for him by doing this. When I thought he had had enough to drink I would put him in bed but because he had been so roused by my singing he would take about an hour each night to get him to go to sleep. Next time around I will just put baby to bed when he falls asleep. It's a bit different if baby is falling asleep during the day though...

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Definitely make sure he isn't too comfortable... keep the room bright and try stripping him down to just his diaper. Also, try tickling his cheeks or his feet while feeding as he gets sleepy. I was told that if he does fall asleep, to just lay him down on the floor and not cuddle him or put him anywhere too comfortable. That way, he'll wake up and keep feeding again. Good luck!

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I nursed him in just his diaper, it helped him stay awake. My DS also really likes to nurse while sleeping, using my breast as a pacifier, which I don't mind, so I just let him sleep & comfort nurse if that's what he needs!

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Make sure he's not TOO warm and comfortable - take his socks off, unbutton his suit etc. If this doesn't work I know people who have even had to put a cool washer on the baby's head to keep them from going to sleep.

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