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My daughter is one month old and recently she has decided that she only likes to sleep in my arms. Whenever I put her in her bassinet she wakes up within a couple minutes and cries , but when I pick her back up she falls right back asleep. My husband says I need to let her cry, but I think she is still too young to do that. I mean if she doesn't have the slightest understanding that she is being taught a lesson than teaching her that lesson is pointless....right? What should I do?


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Amber - posted on 12/14/2009




One thing that I have found that helps when I try to lay my 6 week old son down for a nap (we co-sleep at night) is to warm up a blanket and place it underneath him. That way he isn't going from being on a warm body to being in a cold bed. It doesn't always work, but it does a lot of the time.
I hope that helps!

Nathania - posted on 11/12/2008




Do you have a sling? I went through the exact same thing with my son at 4 weeks. I still tried to put him down in the bassinet or crib or swing (instead of on me) but if it didn't work, I resorted to the sling. Better to have them sleep than cry. And with a sling, at least you can move around the house and not feel trapped.

As far as letting them cry, I agree with you. 4 weeks is very young. When my son was 2 months old, I started letting him cry a little at naptime (only a couple minutes at a time and then I would go and comfort him) but it helped a LOT. He has now learned to take naps on his own and I haven't worn the sling in three weeks.

Just know that it will pass (it might seem like forever now...) :)

Karen - posted on 11/11/2008




I went through the same thing with my 14 week old son. He is getting better about not having to sleep in my arms. He does like to snooze on and off during the day in my arms but doesn't require it any longer to sleep. I started putting him down in his crib for naps at about 9 weeks old. Never fear, it will pass. Now my only challenge is being able to set him down without him throwing a fit when he's awake.

Gabrielle - posted on 11/10/2008




My little boy is 12 weeks old now, however, I had the same problem that you are having. I got this book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth. It is wonderful. It talks about different strategies for getting your child on a nap schedule during the day and different strategies for soothing. You are right to not let her "cry it out" just yet. It recommends trying that starting at four months old. I know it is hard to get anything done when they are in your arms all day, but soon enough they won't want anything to do with you. So, enjoy it while you can!

Lydia - posted on 11/10/2008




You are right that your baby is too young to be left to cry herself to sleep, but it's also important to find a way to deal with sleep that both you and your husband can agree on. Have you considered cosleeping?

We've had the same problem this week, though fortunately not every night. We decided against keeping baby in our bed since we weren't sure we could keep both pillows and blankets away from his face. We have baby's bassinet right next to our bed, with the side of the bassinet just below the top of our mattress, so I can easily reach in and keep my hand on him.

Emma - posted on 11/10/2008




Wrapping usually works well and yes she should grow out of it, but I would suggest if you want to help her get used to it, there are a couple of things you could try to start doing.

Find the time of day when she is the most settled and put her in her bassinet wrapped and pat her bottom, try singing or both.

You could wait until she is asleep and then when you put her in the bassinet try it slowly and leave your arm against her for a minute and gradually pull away if she starts to stir speak softly to her.

If you have free time sit with her while she is in the bassinet and talk to her and let her get tired in the bassinet.

The most important thing though is do whatever is going to keep you and her happy, if she only wants to sleep in your arms and you dont mind, let her. Keep trying to introduce it whenever you are ready but dont stress about it.

Eliza - posted on 11/10/2008




I had the same thing happen to me with my little girl i wrapped her firmly in a little rug and she would drift of to sleep that way and now a few months on i have only stopped wrapping her up and she sleeps the whole night threw....good luck hope it works for you too :-)

Shae - posted on 11/09/2008




I'm having a similar problem with my 2 month old. She will fall asleep in my arms, and as soon as I go to put her in her crib, she will wake up and cry! It's so frustrating, because she does this mostly at night as I'm putting her to bed. My other two children would wake up when I put them in their crib at night, but they were content until they fell asleep. Sorry that I'm not much help...but know that you're not the only one!

Barbara - posted on 11/09/2008




This use to happen to me and still does during the day but I would let her cry a bit not much and just let her know you are there. I found when I swadlled her tight she would sleep longer by herself

Kyrstin - posted on 11/09/2008




Our son is 12 weeks old and did that for awhile. I asked around and a lot of people said it was a phase and would get better. I didn't believe it, but they were right. As he got a bit bigger he was a lot better about this. He has a cold right now and is kind of that way again, but not as bad as he was at that age. I agree with you that it is so hard to let them cry, but that is what every pediatrician says to do. It's hard to put your child down when they're just loving on you!

Crystal - posted on 11/09/2008




i'm going through the same thing ... i find if i swaddle him in a blanket .. like the hospital does , and lay him on his side to sleep ...i sometimes need to roll a blanket at his back to keep him in that position.. he sleeps better ... aside from that i'm a i let him sleep on me if i have nothing better to do

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