Solid Food at 7 months??

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hello! my daughter is 7 months and i am wondering when to start feeding her "our food" such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, toast cherios.. i know all these have to be in tiny peices but i'd just like to know when a good time to start this is. she has got two bottom teeth and is very interested in what i eat. she is able to pick things up with her hands and bring them to her mouth. any advice? personal experience??..


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dairy should not be given until age of 1. but i would gradually start giving our food probably around 8 or 9 months.... but honestly it depends on your childs digestive system. you definitaly dont want to introducd solids too fast & make your child get constipated. you can make things fun by getting the yogurt chips @ the store & the teething buiscuts. it teaches them how to use theyre hands & feed themselves. my son CRYS when i eat feed & hes not. so i know how it feels. but what we do have to realize is that theyre only going to be at this stage ounce in there life. no need to really rush food on them =) just enjoy your baby. maybe try feeding more baby food? good luck!

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Now sounds like a good time. If she can pick up pieces and put them in her mouth, let her try it. Just as a warning, for my son both eggs and yogurt gave him a terrible stomachache until he was about 10 months old, I think his belly just wasn't ready for it.

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I started my son on finger foods at 6 months. He is texturally picky, he refused baby food unless it was extremely thick. I tried him on a broken cheerio first. I noticed that he used a mashing motion even with that little bit. So I gave him a whole cheerio. I continued to watch and again he used the same motion.

I've slowly added more things to his diet. I haven't done egg yolks, but it is more because of the time it takes to boil, peel and separate. It just isn't something I like to deal with.

What I have given him thus far are: shredded cheese, orzo pasta (cooked until it can be easily mashed between your fingers without using your nails) with homemade tomato sauce, toast cut into tiny pieces, homemade banana bread, chunks of banana, chunks of apple, watermelon, lettuce, tomato, mashed peas, and cheerios.

I do not suggest the yogurt melts. My daughter would choke on those like crazy, even when she could eat a sliced apple with skin just fine. They stick together and can get stuck in the throat easily. If you really want to try yogurt just by a container of it.

My son likes tiny pieces of food, while my daughter liked strips. My daughter would choke more on pieces of food than larger strips she could bite, even at 7/8 months. My son on the other hand likes to stuff fist fulls of food in his mouth. But my daughter had 8 teeth at 4 months so it was easier for her to take actual bites. My son on the other hand only has his bottom 2.

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I believe that pediatricians generally say that eggs should not be given before the first birthday although that may have changed since my daughter is now 2 1/2 and my son is 6. Cheerios, yogurt, and small pieces of cheese are ok to give. Even if you daughter didn't have teeth their gums will get the job done too. If you're concerned Gerber have the "puffs" that melt in the mouth which give your little one the practice without all the stress.


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Lauren - posted on 08/06/2012




I thought the same about the eggs but I was given a food quide and it says between 7 and 9 months i can give her egg yolks. did you chop up the cheerio's too? & i will try the Gerber puffs also! thanks!!

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