Solids at 3months?

Jaimelee - posted on 02/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3months old Daughter has asthma and alot of flem on her chest, The doctor recommened cutting down milk abit, she just had carrot for dinner and has a small amount of farex in the morning, I was just wondering if she will gain the same amount of weight or more/less. Thanks in advance :)


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Jess - posted on 02/20/2010




I couldn't imagine a 3 month old would have a mature enough digestive system to cope with solids yet ! Personally I would be getting a second opinion on the right way to go about this and whether you should be reducing her milk in favour of solids. For a baby so young I would think she would loose weight or just not gain any. It takes a lot more engery to eat solids than it does to drink a bottle or breastfeed, and an awake babies is burning energy! When my daughter was born I was only allowed to wake her to feed her and nothing else, because they gain weight while sleeping.

Brittany - posted on 02/20/2010




She'll more than likely gain weight, but be careful with what you give her b/c i started giving my son solids at 2.5 months and he had bad allergic reactions, that's why doctors say to wait until after they are 6 months old, I would try plain oatmeal. Good Luck.

Trish - posted on 02/20/2010




well I havent been in this situation but my sister has. Her son was very refluxy and it was reccomended that he be put on solids early. The trouble was she fed him pureed fruits and milk arrowroot biscuits. If you have been told to start solids it should be ok, just make sure theyre savoury (veges) or farex is fantastic, for the first month at least.. after that you should be fine to intorduce other solids as you would normally :) good luck, I hope things pick up for you.

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