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Hi all my daughter has been on solids for some time now and is GETTING BORED with what i am making her..Does anyone know of a good web site where i can get recipes from or any suggestions of their own...THANK YOU


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Jamie - posted on 11/20/2009




I feed my 10 month old daughter everything we eat. Everytime we go food shopping, we buy her new things. During the day she'll have yoghurt, cheese sticks (for her calcium) & then biscuits & fruit for treats. Then night time she has the same as us which is like pasta, onion & mince dishes.. She loves it. Not too sure on chicken yet as it takes her a while to eat it. Your baby will tell u if their not ready for certain foods. Its all trial & error

Lois - posted on 11/20/2009



13 and www.recipegoldmine/baby/baby.html those are the best ones that I've found that are very clear and easy to make. I also have a book called Blender Baby Food that I use alot too. I make all my own baby food, never use store bought. My daughter is 13 months and a great eater. She now wants to feed herself though and has started eating fish sticks, small pieces of chicken or turkey, nutri-grain bars, bread and I'm letting her try whatever I'm eating too! Goodluck.

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I agree with Jackie. Give her whatever you're eating (chopped to the right size for her of course). That's what I do with my 11 month old. The only things I do is not cook with salt and don't add salt to food I'm going to give my son. Also, if you eat spicy foods, it's okay to feed them to little ones, but try a bite or two first. If it ends in runny poos, then none of it for the little one. Both my sons (2 1/2 and 11 months) love foods that are spicier than I can eat.

I wouldn't get into the habit of making a separate meal for her, unless you want to continue doing that the rest of her life.

Good luck!

Jackie - posted on 11/20/2009




My suggestion is feed her what you are eating. Just make sure to not spice/butter it before you take out her protion.

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