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Hello Ladies,

I just thought I would share a wonderful stain removing product with you that you may already have in your house...

My son has a habit of having poop explosions and at least once a week he seems to blow out of his diapers and I'm left with the aftermath on his clothing. He is breastfed so the stains are harder to come out for some reason. So I decided to try Dawn liquid dish soap on the offending stain. I pour enough to cover the stain and then take a scrub brush to it for a few seconds, I then soak it for a half hour in warm water and ta-da the stain is GONE!! This even worked on his onesie that the poop stain was left on for a few days, his daddy changed his diaper and didn't notice (ahem) he had leaked through so I threw it aside hoping I'd be able to get the stain out.

I just thought I would share this to save you on clothing or bothering to buy special stain removers.


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