Suggestions to correct Day/night confusion.

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I have a toddler and a 3 wk newborn who has his days and nights confused. I might get 2-3 hours of good sleep a night but I can't nap during the day because of my daughter. Any suggestions on how to get my son switched?


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I know exactly how you feel. My daughter didn't sleep AT ALL at night for the first five weeks. I specifically remember one night where I got to sleep from 6 am to 6:45 am and that was my sleep for the "night."

Be loud during the day. Even when baby is napping, be loud, have the tv on, have lights on etc. During the evening and night keep it dark and quiet. You could also do a bath and baby massage with lotion before bed. I realize your baby will still need to wake up at night to eat, but this helped my daughter sleep a *little* more at night.


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We had the same trouble initially with Max. We take him around the house in the morning and open the blinds together and talk a lot and have lots of noise/TV and playmat and play time during the day. Bed time feed, we have a warm bath and massage then a feed in a quiet, darkened room and if he wakes for a night feed, we don't talk, just kiss, cuddle and feed/change. No direct lighting either. He eventually got it sorted. Be patient with yourself and you'll get there!
Good luck!

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Keep him awake and entertained after a feed during the day. If he goes to sleep after a feed change or take off his nappy. Usually the easiest thing to wake them up. At night, leave the lights off and try to work with as little lights as possible. Gently get him out of bed before you are planning on going to bed and give him a feed. Be very gentle and try to keep him as sleepy as possible. He will be really relaxed so won't get gas as bad, but still keep him upright (over the shoulder maybe) for about 5-10mins after he finishes feeding. Gently put him back to bed and then you can go to bed knowing that he will be asleep for the longest time possible after just having a feed. I do this with my boy and find that he is more relaxed feeding from a bottle as he doesn't have to worry about the effort of latching on, so he gets either expressed milk or formula. So far in his 6 weeks we have had numerous sleeps through the night, the record so far is 8 hours!!! Get your daughter to help out during the day to keep your baby boy busy, it will be great bonding for the both of them. He'll learn lots from her facial expressions and movements. Good luck!!

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KEEP THEM BUSY BUSY BUSY...hehe unfortunantly it just takes time and loss of energy...if he is anything like my son it all started in the womb. He was always active during the night so it was difficult to get him to figure out that dark meant sleepy time..but it does come. Even for the difficult ones!!

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Expose baby to daylight during the day, obviously keep him out of direct sunlight but exposure to daylight will help reset his circadian rhythm. Keep daytime light, bright and noisy and nightime dark, quiet and soothing. Talk or sing to him during daytime feeds and play with him when he is awake during the day, but nightime feeds should be as quiet, dimly lit and peaceful as possible. I also found a nightime routine really helped my little boy, bathtime, book or song, feed then bed worked a treat for us. Funnily enough, I also found that the better he napped during the day, the better he slept at night. Good luck, hope you all get some more sleep soon.

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