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I've read in a few magazines and heard from a few people that you should not swaddle your baby after it is a month old, they say it can slow down certain types of development. Here's the thing though, my son won't sleep unless he is swaddled. At first he was ok with a basic swaddle, but he soon started to find his way out of it and would startle himself awake when his arms would flail or he would pop his binky out of his mouth. We bought one of those Kiddapotomus Swaddle blankets and it has been a life saver! He will sleep 4-5 hours at a time at night now and seems to be more alert during the day. I try not to swaddle him too much during the day in hopes that he will learn to control his arm movements and not be startled by them. Should I stop swaddling him at night? And if so how do I get him to sleep as well as he does now being swaddled?


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You can break the swaddle by having one arm in and one out, then both arms, then just the legs, then no swaddle blanket at all. My daughter was a preemie and I have had her in a swaddle at night and for some naps since she was born. She will be six months on the first. She is doing fine with her development...she is right on target for a five-six month old that was full term. I personally love that she is swaddled....she falls asleep fast. I think that if you don't have a problem with it, then it is fine. If I heard that and noticed that my daughter wasn't developing at the pace she should for her corrected age, I would stop the swaddle....I haven't, so I wont.

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I think the idea is probably you should stop swadeling except at sleep times around one month, except many one monthers still sleep ALOT! :-) I'd say use your babies cues and don don't swaddle when they are awake because yes they need to be working on certain developmental skills, having tummy time, etc. My first son was a preemie and we swaddled him at night and for naps until he was nearly a year old! We were SO disappointed when he grew out of the biggest swaddle blanket! He was delayed meeting milestones but it definately was not due to being swaddled! ;-) Now at 3 1/2 his motor skills are above and beyond, so... My second son was full term and at three months we still swaddle him for sleep times and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. He is meeting all his developmental milestones too. I will say that around three months we stop swaddling thier hands in because once they discover thier hands they want them available to soothe with which is developmental. As a foster parent I always swaddle the babies I have. Try reading Happiest Baby on the block. It is very informative on the concept of swaddeling and soothing.

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