Sweaty Swaddling?

Kim - posted on 12/19/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is almost 8 weeks old and he only sleeps if we swaddle him up cuz his little arms get in a fight with his face if we don't... =)

Thing is... he gets so hot wrapped up in even a light weight blanket, only wearing a diaper that he will wake up really sweaty all down his backside.

I feel bad for wrapping him up in his blankey and making him hot... but he won't sleep without being swaddled because he constantly jerks his arms...

Anyone else have a sweaty sleeper? Any suggestions?

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Andrea - posted on 12/19/2009




Sound just like both of my kids.. They both still have this.. It can be -20 degress and they still have to have there blankets on.. My son is 2years old and when he was a baby we went through this also.. I found that take a very very thin no fuzzy at all and i would leave in just a nappy and swaddle.. With my daughter it didn't matter she would sweat with anything i did.. She would wake up and be so sweat we had to change her bedding and give her a bath.. So i talked to her doctors and they told me to try and just swaddle her arms but she still woke up sweating.. So with her i took and just put her in a nappy and take a light blanket and cover ur up with tucking it in around the sides of her crib/ or where ever she may decide to take her little nap.. Still keeps her arm from flying all over and gives her what she likes .. o it maybe that you need to speak with the doctor and explain whats going on so you can have him checked for over active sweat glands.. i know we have talked about it, she has all the signs for it.. So we will be seeing them in a few months to see if that is her problem.. Hope i was a little helpful.. merry x-mas best wishes and take care.. It soon will get better...


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Renae - posted on 12/19/2009




Is the rest of him hot or is it just his back that is sweaty? I only ask because although my baby is not swaddled (he's 9mo now) if I put a waterproof mattress protector on his bed then his back sweats (even if he is only wearing a singlet and nappy), I think it is because the waterproof material doesn't breathe.

Another thing, have you tried those really light, very thin, cheese cloth wraps? It gets to over 104 F here (was 107 today) in summer and we are told to use those because apparently they breathe well. Cotton also breathes so very thin cotton material would be worth trying.

We are also told when its hot to only wrap around their arms and not the whole body so their body heat can escape.

Hope this helps.

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