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hello all... my son is almost 3 months old and i was thinking about switching his bottles. right now, he uses the kind with the liners. the ones i'm switching him to are the evenflo purely comfi. i'm just sick of buying liners and would like to switch to bottles that i don't have to use them. i have 2 questions... 1. anyone who uses the evenflo purely comfi, how do you like them? 2. how has it been for people who have switched to different bottles around this age? i've heard that some babies won't change b/c they're use to that certain nipple and they just won't take the new bottle b/c it's different. i'm hoping that's not the case with him and he takes to them just as easily. the nipple is much smaller and a different shape. just wanted to get some of your experiences. thanks!!


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Each baby is different. Although my oldest is the only one who was not primarily breast-fed, she was picky about the type of nipple on the bottle. My middle child didn't care, and my youngest will only take the Playtex with disposable liners. My suggestion would be to purchase a single bottle and introduce it for a single feeding each day for several days. If he likes it, you can phase out the old bottles, and if not, there are plenty of other options out there. Good luck!


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I started my daughter on Playtex Drop Ins as well and I changed because I was sick of buying drop ins too. I tried 2 different bottles until I figured out that she would only use bottles with a wide nipple. She uses Soothies and really likes them. I have been using these bottles for about 4 months and have had no problems with them leaking or anything like that. Also I switched her pacifiers to the soothie one since it was all rubber, she loves them. I think they have helped more with her teething then anything else has.

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When she was first born, we had to supplement with formula because of breast feeding difficulties. We chose the Playtex Drop Ins (disposable liners). We also tried her on Dr. Brown's (and didn't like those because they leaked). Around 2 months of age, we switched to Born Free. She took to the new bottles immediately. All babies are different in their preferences, of course, and we were lucky to have a baby that latched to the breast right from birth and that doesn't seem to be picky about bottles. The only difficulties we've noticed is that not all nipples flow at the same rate when going from brand to brand. So, we watched her closely when offering her the new bottles so she didn't take in too much too fast and cough or choke. After a few days, she was used to the different flow rates.

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