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I want to take my baby swimming for the first time fairly soon. What do I need to have before I can take him? Also, there is a little tiny baby pool at my local swimming centre but the childrens pool is also very warm, do I need to take him in the baby pool or can we go in the children's pool (I'm going with a friend and don't know if you can have more than one adult per child in the baby pool)? How long should we stay in the water for? Any other tips? Thanks


Lynlee - posted on 07/20/2009




I took our son swimming for the first time when he was about two months old. I had read that the chlorine can cause respiratory problems but it sounds like the exposure has to be regular. The pool was an inside pool so it was 25 degrees C - he wore a fuzzibunz nappy, just the nappy no insert and that was it. Plan to not swim for more than half an hour to start with and watch they don't get too cold. Take two towels for baby as you will wrap him in one and it will be soaked by the time you get him changed. Don't put his head or ears under or let him drink the water due to the bacteria in the water.

Tessa - posted on 07/20/2009




I first took my baby swimming when she was about a month old in my friends swimming pool, she didnt like the water at first but now she loves it! all we had was sunblock (make sure its not sun tanning lotion!), a little hat and top and pants. you can get swimming nappies but i didnt really see the need as Lily went before we got in and i think they were all too big for her. We stayed in the water for a good half hour and only got out because she was getting hungry and bored. It was really great because we wrapped her up in a towel and didnt even get time to change her before she fell asleep! i love swimming with my daughter and i think its great to swim with a baby because then they arnt afraid of the water when they get older and can learn to swim (thus less chance of drowning) we have a happy little water baby who gets so excited when we turn on the bath or shower, and when she sees a pool she just about jumps out of our arms to get in!

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I've always heard that babies shouldn't be in pool water til 1 year due to all of the chemicals and how it can affect their skin. Plus, a baby shouldn't wear sun tan lotion til 6 months, so I wouldn't at all, until at LEAST 6 months of age. They still are learning to regulate their body temperature too, so cooler water and wind may not be good for him! - Just what I have heard and my own opinion, but I wouldn't at all until at LEAST 6 months of age.

Sarah - posted on 07/20/2009




we took my son swimming for the first time at 5months old (he's nearly 6months) .. used to hate water so we were a bit nervous.

got him one of those floatie things so he was in that most of the time.

can't remember the temp of the pool .. but it wasn't exactly warm .. we stayed in the childrens pool.

i agree with michelle when they shiver and cry take your baby out and wrap a towel around them .. thats what i did and then my son was happy enough to go back in.

went with my mum and sister .. so that we could take turns looking after ollie and having a swim ourselves.

he cried at little at first but overall he was fine just looked a little lost.

we had some gorgeous little swim shorts but i'd actually recommend getting one of those wet suits (which i've now bought) as babies obviously get chilly easily .. oh and a few swim nappys.


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Michelle - posted on 07/20/2009




My 7 month old was in our backyard pool for the first time at 6 months! She LOVED it! The temp was between 72-76 and we had no problems. I put her in her pool floatie and held on to her at all times. She loves it when we take her in now and will float for hours! If your baby starts to shiver or cry you should get him/her out and dry them off. Otherwise your good to go! Have fun:0)

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