terrible two's and sleeping arrangements!

Kelly - posted on 10/29/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




due to some less than desirable circumstances, my 2 year old daughter has always slept in the same bed as me. soon we will be moving to a place with enough space that she will be able to have a room of her own. im not sure how she will take this transition, and im not even sure how to go about it. how can i get her to be ok sleeping by herself at 2 years old?


Lisa - posted on 10/29/2009




do you have any other children? do you have a bed right now for her?

when I moved and kicked my kids out of the bed by using the excuse of "look a new place with your own room!" my boys were 3 and 4 and they still crept into my bed around 4am for a while. but it was easier for them to sleep apart because they were still together (just not with me anymore).

for my 2 yr old we had her start by taking naps on her own bed, then pretty soon it was going to bed on her own bed. only problem was it was in OUR room and every noise she made had me waking up. Her diapers also leaked around 2am. so needless to say she's back in MY bed because we don't have another room for her and she doesn't make noises or if she does it doesn't wake me up when she's with me because I know she's ok. I also wake up to use the bathroom and change her then too and so she sleeps through the night.

I'd try making her new room as inviting as possible, having her sleep with a snuggly animal or baby, and getting her used to naps in there first. then lay down with her for a while at bed time until she's calm and relaxed then walk out and leave the door open. good luck.

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