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how to get rid of thrush? tried nystatin, gse, diflucan, nothing seems to work...


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My baby had thrush also and I was using Nystatin, which didn't seem to work either and then my doctor suggested also trying pro-biotic drops. After about a week or two of the drops it went away... I'm not sure if it was the drops or eventually the nystatin did it's job but it's worth a try!

Cynthia - posted on 06/16/2009




Quoting sofia:

sorry i guess i should have mentioned, baby has the thrush. we have been "fighting" it for more than 2 months, sometimes it gets better but never goes away completly. its only on the tongue, no diaper rash.

by saying it is on the tongue...can you remove a white substance from her tongue with sterile wet gauze wrapped around your finger?  When you do remove some is the tongue a very bright pink underneath?  if not it is simply the white on her tongue from feeding.  If you can remove it, make sure you do this everyday.  to remove the thrush use a sterile gauze as said before and go as far back on the tongue as possible, dragging your finger forward on the tongue, removing the white substance as you not reuse the side of the gauze you just used, toss and use another piece.  you may create a slight gag relex in your baby, be warned.  it won't hurt her but you need to get as far back on the tongue as possible to get it all. the skin underneath will be bright pink as said and very tender.  make sure you do this everyday, check her gums and inside of her cheeks.

Are you breast or formula feeding?  if breast feeding you need to treat yourself as well as baby at the same time otherwise you'll pass it back and forth and never get rid of it.  you'lll see your nipples are a slightly brighter pink than usual.

to treat yourself you can use a small amount (pea size) of CANESTEN (monistat didn't ever cut it for me) on your nipples.  After your showers make sure your breasts and nipples are bone dry before putting on a bra and if you are using breast pads, change them as soon as they become wet.  Thrush is a fungal infection and grows in wet moist environments.  make sure your bras are washed in hot soapy water often and they need to be kept dry.  After feeding make sure you apply canesten again to your nipples and allow to dry before covering up.

be careful of your own diet if breast feeding, try to keep away from too many sweets.  sugar allows the thrush to blossom like crazy.   

if formula/bottle feeding or pumping make sure you are sterilizing all bottles, equipment, nipples and even soothers often by boiling in hot water for five minutes, then air dry on a tea towel. 

make sure you are washing all facecloths and bibs in really hot water to keep all sources from reinfecting baby.  not to mention all chew toys both plastic and fabric.

It took all of this and the most important point I found out to get rid of thrush from my baby and baby would often slip off my aerole when feeding and end up with mainly pulling the nipple.  it can be quite uncomfortable when baby is feeding, but it also allows the milk to pool on baby's tongue. breast milk is quite sweet and the thrush will explode on her tongue.  If you can get her to take in more of your areole it forces the milk farther to the back of ther throat and misses her tongue, thus stopping the thrush from even having a chance to form.  hope this helps.  good luck.  (it also took another round of nystantin at the same time as all of this and adding in a probiotic to both our diets to get back to normal). 



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Try gentian Violet, its a purple liquid so the baby will end up with a bright purple mouth, use it at least daily for a week after all the signs are gone, also use vinegar wipes on yourself, even tho you dont seem to have any signs of having it, you will just transfer it back to baby because it is on you as well.

I know what you are going thru, my daughter had it and it would go away but a few weeks later she would get it back, so now i am using the gentian violet myself in hopes of getting rid of it completely,

Good luck!!!!

Sofia - posted on 06/16/2009




sorry i guess i should have mentioned, baby has the thrush. we have been "fighting" it for more than 2 months, sometimes it gets better but never goes away completly. its only on the tongue, no diaper rash.

Jolene - posted on 06/16/2009




for yourself? or for your baby? canestan is good for adults, try both the the pill and the cream for extra effectiveness.

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