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My 4 month old baby has gotten in2 the habbit of suking his thumb while being put / trying to sleep. If hes stopped from doing so he gets very upset and howls. what can i do to wean him off this habbit


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Angela - posted on 11/28/2009




If you can let him suck on you if you nurse or the bottle until he drifts off. My daughter is 9 months and sucks her thumb when she is tired and wants to eat to sleep or (funny) has a dirty diper. She would be sucking a lot more but I pulled it from her mouth any other time and always said "no, madison, no" when I did so. Now if I catch her doing it when I know there's no real reason to she understands what I want and pulls it out and scampers off to play. If she is stubborn about it and looks directly at me, usually it means she needs something from me as she knows I don't like her doing it. She started sucking her thumb around three months. I do tend to let her suck her thumb if she falls asleep in her carseat but I pull it out when shes drifts off otherwise she will suck in her sleep.

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Honestly, you are much better off letting him suck his thoumb.
The only other thing you can do is give him a pacifier (which he might not even take.)
Pacifiers are an awful habit to break.
Thumb sucking is much easy to get them out of when they're older.

Babies have a oral fixation.
It's very soothing for him to suck his thumb.

Jodie - posted on 05/19/2009




if u dont want him to suck his thumb i suggest a pacifier but thats even harder to break maybe he just wants to suck and he may grow out of the thumb sucking my son did

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