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My little girl is 3 months old and she just realized that she can stick her thumb in her mouth. I dont want her to suck her thumb because it is a very bad habit to quit when they get older. Every time she wants to put her thumb in her mouth, i give her the pacifier instead because taking away a pacifier is easier than taking away a thumb. Is there anything i can do to keep her from sucking her thumb without giving her the pacifier also?


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were SOL cause my daughter does the same thing except she learned to suck her thumb at 2 months, lol. just keep pulling it out and give her the paci, thats what I do.

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Sorry, I have no advice about how to stop her sucking her thumb. I just wanted to share that my son also learnt to suck his thumb (and his fingers and his toes and anything else he could get into his mouth) around that age. I don't use a pacifier (just a personal choice) and have found that now at 6 months old he still puts whatever he can into his mouth but does not suck his thumb as a habit or comfort. I know that at this age they are still exploring and experiencing their world through all their senses and their mouth happens to be the primary way they do this. Just to reassure you that sucking her thumb now does not always mean she will always be a comfort thumbsucker, she may just be figuring out that it is something she is capable of doing.

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