transitioning from exclusive nursing to solids? would love some suggestions.

Kerrie - posted on 07/22/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 20 wks now. He still seems content with just breast milk, but I know soon he will be ready for solids. I would love any advise on how to introduce the cahnge.

How? how much? when? how do i incorporate with nursing still?


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Lindsay - posted on 07/23/2009




Definitely keep nursing (or feeding formula if you eventually wean) until he is at least 12 mos. That's where the bulk of his nutrition will come from. Like other moms suggested, don't rush the solid foods. Spend a few days or more introducing one food at a time to isolate allergic reactions. My 15-m-o son is allergic to oats, dairy, and egg, all of which I was able to figure out by isolating new food ingredients in that manner. We just confirmed the allergies via tests a few weeks ago, but fortunately we had been avoiding the foods for months. Oh, and sometimes you have to try the same flavor/texture 10-20 times for them to really learn to like it. Mine loves veggies now!

Lynlee - posted on 07/22/2009




Like Dana says wait til 6 months if you can then one day offer maybe half a teaspoon of watered down rice cereal, warmed. Water it down with either boiled water or breastmilk. See how he likes it. Our son hated it and wouldn't take it so eventually we just started with a little bit of carrot instead. Also you need to nurse first and then feed solids when he has had enough and don't feed solids before a feed for some months yet.

Dana - posted on 07/22/2009




Well, it is recommended to wait unitl 6 months b/c it could trigger early food allergies, which it did with my son when I started him on rice at 4-5 months old. Although that isn't the case with all children, you might want think about it because food allergies are a pain in the butt. When you do, start off slow, a couple tablespoons once a day. It's also recommended to stick with one kind of food for 3 days before introducing another, that way you'll know if he can tolerate it. Also, I would feed my son his solids and then nurse right after. He's now almost 12 months and he eats 3 solid meals a day and nurses through out. I have the book " What to expect in the first year" It is a great book that covers everything and gives you a idea of at what ages to add another meal, how much 1/2 jar, one jar what stages. Good luck!

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