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Hi! I registered for the Graco Snug Ride travel system and now someone is telling me I must get the Graco Snap and Go. What is this and what's the difference? Thanks for any advice!


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Holly - posted on 09/08/2009




Hey...we have the graco snug ride and loved it! You totally need to get the snap and go. That really is the only stroller you need at this point. It is so lightweight and has a huge basket underneath. Don't know what i would have done without it. The only other stroller I had was a Bob jogging stroller (also the best purchase i made!!!) I was very sad when evan outgrew his infant carseat because then the snap and go is not useful anymore. not sure what you have or have not registered for, but with graco car seat the snap and go is a necessity!!!! Hope that this helps!!!

Kelly - posted on 08/26/2009



189 what i got was the Graco Snug Ride travel system, it is the infant carseat that has the car base that the carseat snaps into, and then the carseat also snaps into the stroller......and you can use the stroller after your child is too big for the infant seat....what the Snap and Go is, from what i understand, is just a stroller frame that the infant seat snaps folds smaller than a stroller and i believe that it is also lighter....i haven't used one, but i would think that the better investment would be the travel system cuz you will get years of use from the stroller but i don't really know too much about the snap and go....i googled and it from what i seen i, personally, would go with the travel system...but thats just what i think...if you travel alot, or are out and about alot then the snap and go might be what you want.....but for the money i would go with the travel system....good luck and congrats....

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