Travelling with my 4 month old?!

Joy - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I will be travelling cross-country to visit my parents next month and will be on a plane for close to 7 hours...12 hours of total travel time. I have flown quite a bit but never paid attention to how people do it with their babies! Does anyone have suggestions? We will be flying Air Canada so I am curious what its like to change a diaper on board and if its okay to breastfeed them during take-off and landing? Any advice welcomed please!


Iona - posted on 08/17/2009




I took my daughter on her first flight at 5 months. We breastfed during take off and landing (as much as I could, sometimes she just couldn't wait so I made her suck on her paci). And, some planes had a changing station in the restroom, most didn't - ask a flight attendant.

The biggest thing for us was realizing that each paid adult could check one "baby item" without fee. So, we were able to check her stroller and car seat without any extra charges. The car seat we checked in the beginning and the stroller at the gate (so we got it with each lay over to use in the airport).

As for on the plane, we brought some toys, we brought our bjorn so we could hold her like that, and we even put her "sleep" cd on her iPod so that we could play her music for her when it was time for her to sleep. And, as my one friend told me - if they cry, it's only an hour or two out of your entire life! Good luck!

Amber - posted on 08/17/2009




i have traveled with my daughter a couple time. i have never flown air canada so i'm not sure about specific policies but they are all pretty much the same. you have to change a diaper in the onboard restroom they have a baby changing station on the plane i learned this from not doing that HAHA got told firmly to use the bathroom next time. i never even thought they had a baby changing station in a plane. and as for breastfeeding during take-off and landing i would think that would be ok because you will have a firm grip on your baby that way and to my knowledge airlines have no specific policy about breastfeeding. i give my daughter tylonal before traveling because babies get stiff and sore just like adults do. i would take a couple of favorite toys in the diaper bag to play with but other than that mostly my daughter just slept through or looked out the window. also make sure to keep your diaper bag out as your personal item. also the security measures in the us are that formula can't be in powdered form so either take condensed formula or premade bottles and mail all the formula you need to your parents before departing or buy there. hope some of this was helpful.


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Andrea - posted on 08/22/2009




hi went to Canada and back from Australia with my partner at 3 months old- 20 hours in the air plus stopover. It was okay - nappy changes are tight in those little compartments. If I remember Air Canada does make you use an infant seat belt (a belt that loops on to yours) which can be squishy when trying to breast feed (which I did on landing and takeoff) - I brought a small pillow which helped and also was more comfortable while my baby slept in our arms. Bring hand sanitiser as airplanes are sooo dirty!

Jennel - posted on 08/18/2009




yes more then ok to breast feed while take off and landing and they do recomend it. You can change the nappys in the bathrooms there are fold down table for it and just ask if you need anything they are very good and you will be amased how well they do just remember they if your calm they will be two. I did a 14 hour flight from Nz to Canada and she was amasing and old pro it was 24 travel in total three flights. even if you have a couple of flights have you stroller gate checked so you can have it to the door of the plane and its there when you get off it saves carying

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