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My son is 3 1/2 months and he hates to be on his tummy!! I keep trying to put him on his tummy so he can learn how to push himself up but every time I do he cried after being on his tummy for a short period of time!! I feel bad for him so I turn him over!! Since he doesn't like being on his tummy how will he learn to crawl?? Won't that put him behind other children his age?? Could there be something wrong or is it because when he was really lil i didn't put him on his tummy that much?? I think I started when he was a lil over 2 months!! Should I have done it when he was first born?? Is it my fault that he hated being on his tummy?? I just worry about all the things that he has to learn n I don't want him to be behind other children his age!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!


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Sarah - posted on 01/07/2010




I feel the same way, my 4 month old boy is just starting to do minutes at a time. before all i could do was crouch down in the couch and have him lay on my chest and look up at me. thats all he would do at first. now he i can make it a little more fun, finds it funny, lol. (still for minutes at a time tho)

Kate - posted on 01/07/2010




Dont worry so much. Alot of babies hate being on there tummy's. If you get down on the ground with your arms beside you and try and hold your head up I dont think you would be able to do it for a long period of time without getting tired. As long as your giving him some tummy time even if it's 3 mins at a time, a few times a day this is great. Just because he doesnt like being on his tummy doesnt mean he will be behind children his age, and i dought there is anything wrong and it is most defently not your fault that he hates being on his tummy. What i suggest is that you get down on the ground with him on your tummy so your facing him and play and make him smile so he gets to no that tummy time is a fun time. Some babies hate it because they can't see you and feel like they have been abandoned. You can also try laying on your back and have his tummy agaisnt your chest kinda propped up with your boobs. This way he can see your face nice a close and it's different to just being placed on the ground. He will get better on his tummy as time goes on but if you are really worried about his development then maybe see your GP and they will be able to see if everything is okay. hope this helps... :D xx

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I'm having the sam problem with my 9 week old. I've been trying since he was 5 weeks old with no real luck...he HATES it!! I did have small success with putting him on his tummy on the changing pad. I'm not sure if it's because it's cushioned and contoured? I only just discovered this week and have been able to push his time to 5 minutes; I could only do it for 2-3 minutes before. We also put him on our chests while we lie down as well, he prefers that but he ends up falling asleep most times...lol. Just keep trying everyday and hopefully he will enjoy tummy time!!

Shay - posted on 01/07/2010




Firstly, don't beat yourself up about it. Every child learns to do things at different times and every child likes & dislikes different things. It's not your fault he doesn't enjoy tummy time.

My Daughter is also 3 1/2 months old and HATED tummy time too; she would lie with her face on the blanket and just scream and cry until I turned her over. It's tough but try to leave him on his stomach for a little bit, maybe just 5 minutes, and see how he gets on.

My Daughter went from hating tummy time to suddenly loving being on her stomach and lifting her head up within a few days. Your little one will do it eventually and he'll probably completely suprise and delight you when he does :)

Take care :) x

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Don't stress Debbie! Most infants do not like being on their tummy. You usually have to just start slow about 5 mins a day then build up. Put some toys in front of him to entice him while he is on his tummy. Just remember there is no rule when babies are suppose to reach each of their milestones only guidelines. Every infant is different just keep that in mind. Your doing everything right. I rarely put my LO to have tummy time cause she hated it so much and she was crawling at about 8 months and almost about to walk at 10 months. Keep at it and he'll get use your instincts and follow them. Good luck!

Connie - posted on 01/07/2010




My girl used to hate tummy time as well. We try to put her on our tummy/chest or use a boppy to give her a bit of support. She likes it more than just leaving her on a flat mat. And she still pushes herself away from us or the boppy. I figured that's a good start. She's ok with being on her tummy on a flat mat now at 6 months.

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