Ugh I think im going crazy!!!

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So my husband and i have been looking for a house to buy for MONTHS on end now! We have looked at over 30 houses and still have yet to decide on one! we started looking before i ever got pregnant! and now here i am almost 6 months Preggers and we havent found one!! Its driving me insane because i feel like i am not going to have anything ready in time for when our daughter arives.. I am half tempted to just tell him to PICK ONE and that will be that!! ... I feel like i am a crazy mad women! Whenever we go look at houses and dont deside on one i have an emotional break down!! Please tell me im not going crazy!!!????


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Yeah hormones :) It's hard to buy a house, especially if it's your first home. I agree with Cynthia if you can find something affordable that has most of the things you want with some things you can fix in the future but live with for now, that'd be your best bet. Plus if you get a house where you need to do those tiny upgrades, you up the value of your home come re-sale time :) The house my husband and I bought is a 3 bedroom townhouse. It was entirely blue inside and not a good kind of blue, we're talking 3 shades of aquamarine blue. We painted immediately after getting the keys. The basement is half finished and we need a new deck but the one that's there isn't bad it's just small. These are things we can live with but will fix in the future before we decide to sell. Anwyay, your not going crazy. You may be anxious to start nesting :) Try and be patient, you will find your house :)

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house hunting is stressful at the best of times...even with out the hormones pregnancy so kindly provides! You are definatly not going crazy. i agree with the last post, just keep that list of what you really need...good luck!

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your hormones are going cuckoo and so are you because of them. to stay sane go in with a basic list of essentials of what you REALLY need in your home and things you are willing to live with (eg some renos needed, or carpet ok instead of laminate) . don't look at homes you think are marginally ok or what you want. they will not stack up and you will waste your time and effort.

If you can stick to three or four items you can both agree are essential to the house (# of bedrooms, large yard, workshop or whatever) then only look at these homes and it will become very easy to weed out the undesireable ones. We looked at nearly 20 homes in three months and found this one. it had the bedrooms, the workshop and a sort of ok yard (half on a hill oh well) but we are still in a great neighborhood and have tons of space inside the house. So although it is not our dream home it was in our price range and we call it home. each day we learn to love it more. you are not crazy. you are a nesting mommy without a nest. keep flying until you find one...good luck

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