VBAC - Safe? or should I just schedule a repeat c-section

Erin - posted on 01/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I had to have a c-section with my first pregnancy due to complications. I have heard mixed reports on VBAC's - obviously everyone is different but would love to hear advice from ppl who have or decided not too and reasons...


Lydia - posted on 01/10/2010




i had a c-section with my 2 year old because of small complications in november of 2007 when we found out I was pregnant in march of 2009 i was asking my self the same thing. Well we decided to go with a repeat c-section because the risks of a VBAC just did not seem worth it to me for me to rick mine and my sons life... The second c-section was so much better than the first in the sense that it was planned so the morning we went in for it no one was rushing the doctors and nurses took their time with everything because there was no emergency. and also once the spinal wore off i felt like 100 time better than i had the first time around i was up out d bed that same night i had my son. So i would have to recamend a repeat section i liked it alot better than not knowing what was going to happen.

Lisa - posted on 01/11/2010




I had a C-section with my first baby and at the hospital where I delivered, if you have 1 C-section then all the rest of your deliveries have to be by C-section. They do this because of the increased risk that the uterous can rupture or tear. I'm nut sure exactly how high that risk is but I just had my second child by C-section and everything went smoothly. I think they just want to look out for the well-being of the mother and the baby. I know not all facilities are like this though and it is possible to have a VBAC after a cesarean delivery. I would just talk to my doctor about the pro's and con's and then decide from there. Congratulations and good luck!

Abbe - posted on 01/11/2010




As long as your doctor is comfortable with it for your particular situation and you want to, go with the VBAC. I had a c-section for my first daughter because she was both breech and they knew she would be close to 10 lbs. I wanted to go with the VBAC for my second daughter two years later and I did. They predicted she would be smaller plus she was in position. I was prepared to have a c-section if she did not come until after her due date but she came 10 days earlier. I did have to be induced after my water broke and it took a while but I did not have any more complications than your average birth. And thankfully she was only 7 lbs, 8 oz :-)Good luck with your decision.

Iysha - posted on 01/10/2010




I didn't have a C-section, but I was preparing for one because i had a feeling something was going to go wrong and I would need one. I did some research and asked a couple doctors I know about VBAC and this is what I got from it...

Most doctors will let you try to have a VBAC if you want to. If they feel that it would be too risky for you and/or your baby then they will advise against it. If you are doing well, and want a VBAC, they might have the plan of following through with a VBAC but there is a higher chance of having another C-section during your labor, and of course it wouldn't be scheduled.

If I would have had a c-section, I would probably do it again. I like to play things safe and just doing it over again would make me more comfortable. I was in preterm labor at 33 weeks and it was stopped and 2 weeks later I was in labor again and it was nerve wrecking. I had no Idea what was going to happen and I would have liked to have known if I was going to get a c-section or have a vaginal birth....I wanted to be prepared.

Scheduling a c-section for the second time around seems easier for the doctor because it is in their schedule, you aren't going to have some other doctor there with you, and would be easier on your mind...I would think.


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