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Amber - posted on 07/31/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am exclusively breastfeeding my little guy and keep reading everywhere that I am supposed to be giving him vitamin supplements. My doctor never said a word about this to me. How many of you out there were told to do this? Am I totally screwing up my baby's health by not giving him any supplements?


Stephanie - posted on 08/01/2009




The only supplement that my doctor and health nurse told me to give while breastfeeding was vitamin D. It even says on the bottle of vitamin D (it's liquid and you give it with the dropper that comes with it) to give it to all breastfeeding babies. Vitamin D is made in adult bodies when we are out in the sun... adults also get it from foods and even milk fortified with it. Babies can't make their own vitamin D because they don't spend time out in the sun and breastmilk does not have enough of the vitamin. Vitamin D is key to calcium absorption, which means it is the vitamin that helps to build and grow strong bones. It is also key to building up the neuromuscular (how the nerves and muscles are related to each other) and immune systems. A lack of vitamin D has the possibility of rickets forming in children (brittle bones). However, I do NOT think that you have screwed up your baby's health by not giving him the supplement! If he is growing and your doctor isn't concerned, then I wouldn't worry. However, it's never too late to start giving a vitamin D supplement! My son loves getting his vitamin D! The one we get is called D'Vi'Sol and it has a cherry flavour... we give it to him as his "dessert" after his last feeding before bedtime. Hope this helps!

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