Waking in the middle of the night

Ashley - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 month old had been sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night since he was 9 weeks old. I thought "lucky me" until recently he has starting waking several times during the night. Someone told me he was just testing me and I should let him self-soothe. Any idea why he has just all of the sudden starting waking and should I just let him cry?


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Mary - posted on 12/01/2009




My 6 month old dose the same thing! From the day she was born she slept threw the night until we moved into our new apt. Now she's up just about every hour, sometimes for 2-3 hours at a time. I don't get any sleep at night when she dose this because I get up with her all the time cuz my hubby works in the am. It's hard but she's worth it!
I don't let her cry because I think thats mean. I want her to know her mommy will be there for her no matter what. I let her lay there if she's quiet and fussing a little but when the fussing becomes yelling and crying I get up. I found that not talking to her when she wakes up helps a little. I also lay her in front of our fish tank and she falls asleep looking at the fishies.

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4 month olds don't test you. He's too young to manipulate you. There are several reasons that babies will wake a night. He may be teething, getting ready to tackle a developmental milestone or getting sick. My daughter started waking at the same age and it was when she started rolling over. Do you breastfeed? Breastfed babies get 25% of their nutrition at night. You don't need to start solids, it is a myth that starting solids early will help them sleep. Even if he just needs a cuddle with you, that's ok. This time will be over before you know it and you will miss it :)

Erika - posted on 12/01/2009




My DD had slept through the night for a while as well. She recently started waking up a couple of times that past couple of months when she began teething. I'm not sure if you have started feeding your baby rice cereal yet. That might help fill him up. I give my daughter a jar of baby food a while before bedtime and then nurse her just before. She's getting better, but not sleeping through the night again. I know it's hard sometimes, hang in there.

Hope this helps.



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