What age should your child stop using a dummy?

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My daughter is now 9mths old and I was wondering when I should wean her off her dummy? She only really uses her dummy to go to sleep with or if she is really upset. Any ideas? The sooner the better or should I just let her keep the dummy as it's only for when she goes to bed? (or am I opening a can of worms if I let her keep it!!!!!!)


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I would say now would be the perfect time, its best to get rid of it before she has teeth or starts talking.

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Hi, it really is what works best for you. My son has 6 more days of his dummy. Once he is 10 months old I am taking it. The main reason for the timing of this is that at 1 we are gonna wean off the bottle, and I didn't want to do it all at once, and I chose to do it sooner then later because we are planning to have another baby, and I don't want my son to remember that the bottle and dummy were his things once, and get upset. As a childcare worker I would say do it before 2, as a parent, you need to do what works best for you and your family.

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I read that around 9 months is actually the perfect age but, that weaning isn't the perferred method because the child will expect to get it still. The perferred way is to just not give the child the pacifier and in a few days, the child should forget about it.


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Thank you all so much for your help. It has been very helpful and as helped in making my decision easier for me!

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I think that when they are ready, they usually get rid of it on their own. I would rather them have a pacifier than a thumb, because the thumb stays for life... I have always been one to let them decide, and they eventually become less interested because they become more occupied with playing with other things. Also, don't get upset because they may miss it. Set-backs are normal. Just play it by ear. Who says there is a specific time?!!

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