What are some good toys to give a 6month old for christmas


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Sarah - posted on 08/30/2009




my son absolutely loves noisy musical toys with flashing lights. you could try things that teach them about parts of the body, to count etc my son has a teddy bear than when uu press part of its body it will talk about it and want u to do something ... eg. this is my foot tickle me then itll sing a nursery rhyme eg this little piggy.

baby walkers are good he loves sitting in it and playing with the activity tray

i keep suggesting we should buy a load of paper since at the moment he's soo interested in ripping paper up lol

Sarah - posted on 08/30/2009




my son loves anything noisy, and to be honest his favourites were: an empty sweet tin and a wooden spoon and paper. but on a buying a present level... he loves drums, and those baby piano and babu walkers with the keyboard attached etc.

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Anything that have a few functions to keep the baby busy throughout different stages of developement. Or from my experience, the wrapping and the boxes are always a winner. Have loads of pics with my sons playing with those and toys left all alone in the back of the room :) Osnat http://maaslife.blogspot.com/

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