what birth to have?

Chelle - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




c-section is a big no no no unless it is an emergancy.

firstly ill tell you how my 1st birth went:
37 1/2 hours of contractions
gas and air
they broke my waters
they put me on a drip because my labor was going so slow and it sped it up.
they gave me a 2nd degree episiotomy and ventrous vaccumd her out.
she was facing back to back so her head was looking up when she came out. this made it quite painfull.

ive herd 2nd time around is more easy and hopefuly this baby wont be facing the wrong way around. i regret having pethadine because it made me feel out of it and not in control. i took the epidural because i was exuasted after over 24 hours of labor and needed a break lol.

i want to have a better experiance this time hopefuly less pain relife and try and avoid another cut to the lady bits. any advice would be great . a home birth is open for an option but im unsure of this because last labor wasnt a simple one.


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Chelle - posted on 11/19/2009




yea i had the support of my patner and my older sister who has already had two kids. i felt i was as fully prepared as a new mum could be... i wasnt scared when labour started. in fact i was happy because i was 9 days over due. because i went for the epidural i was bed bound for the later part of my labour wich i regret. i also regret the pethadine jab i had because it made me feel out of it and not in control. i think if my labour wasnt so long and i wasnt so exausted i may have been able to do with out the drugs. in the end she came 11days over due lol.

i would really like a better experiance this time around though.

Michelle - posted on 11/18/2009




Hey Quechelle (lovely name by the way)

Can I ask was you scared at all with your first??? did you not know what was going to happen and did you get lots of support from family and the health practitioners??

I wanted a homebirth for my daughter (first baby) and it was all planned..but then she arrived early and we had to go to hospital. It has definatley not put me off having a homebirth at all for the second (when we eventually decide to have another). At home you most likely will be more relaxed and less likely to need pain relief.

If you can avoid medication and all the different procedures you had to go under like the epidural and ventous, wouldnt you want that???

Its obviously something for you to decide on your own.. all pregnancies are different. I honestly would reccomend a water birth at home or even a water birth in hospital...purely becuase you are more likely to need less pain relief if you can find solice in the water... we need alot of support from our partners during labor (or even a close friend or relative) to makesure we get what we want. Make sure your upright when pushing and makesure your midwife knows how to support the babies head when coming out...as this can prevent tears. It helps too if you can find a midwife that doesnt believe in unessessary medical intervention. Hope this helps :)

Cassie - posted on 11/18/2009




if you cant have a home birth, ask for a water birth, most hospitals do them now,

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