what can i do about a fussy baby when she doesnt even know what she wants!

Bree - posted on 08/13/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




she has been crying and crying like this for 4 days now, i have already taken her to 2 doctors and they say that she is good and healthy, but when i get her home its like she doesnt want to be held then she does she has a runny nose but not sure what i can do for that. i have given her tylonol but its not helping.

please help!

~Ravynn's Mommy~


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Ashley - posted on 08/14/2009




when my little girl gets really fussy and it seems like there's no pleasing her, i cradle her in my arms really close and walk around. i'm sure she could be teething but soooo many times its gas. walk around and burp her. ultimately ur the one that can soothe her. just remember not to let it get u upset because she'll feed off of u.

Falesha - posted on 08/14/2009




i agree with zojoho do what u can also if she is crying non stop maybe the runny nose is from the crying and she might be colic if so my 5 month old was colic i read up on it and they say it gets the worst around 3 months and should go away around 4months and suprizing enough they were right it stopped as sudden as it all started. so as zojoho said just be there for here check all the norm to see if its anything else and if she needs nothing i say start reading up on colic and it is ok for u to take a break if u cant handle the crying any more put her in her crib or a safe place and walk around the house (OUTSIDE) a few times to cool off i was told by my wic office to do this it will not harm her to cry for a few min while u get ur head back together

Ashley - posted on 08/13/2009




If she's 5 months old she could definitely be teething, my daughter got her bottom 2 at 5 months. But when my daughter would be fussy for what seemed like no reason, it's usually because she's tired. I put her in her crib and she fusses for a bit, 10-15 min, then falls asleep and wakes up happy. Most 5 month olds can only handle being awake for about 2 hours before requiring a rest. If she's fed, clean diaper, warm, etc. she's probably just tired and letting you know she needs some quiet and sleepy time. Hope that helps.

Bree - posted on 08/13/2009




thanx ladies! she is 5 months btw.

well i have given her mylicon drops and have given her tylonol. we tried the bath and it helped a little. i did have to leave her in her walker for a few. Dont know how you girls do it, its had to be 18 and taking care of your family. i appriciate all the advice.

what i ended up doing is rubbing her gums and she fell asleep. the Doctors told me that she wasnt teething cuz she is to young, but she has bumps where her k9 teeth would be, but im not sure if its teeth or not.

i will keep you posted. thanks again!

~Ravynn's Mommy~

Erin - posted on 08/13/2009




My daughter was like this for a while, and we took her to the doc. They said she was physically fine, but she didn't know what she wanted. The doctor told us to try letting her self sooth. We did this by putting her down awake at night and letting her drift off to sleep without Mommy or Daddy rocking her. It was hard at first because she would cry but the only lasted 2 or 3 nights for us. Now she is a very happy baby...I don't know for sure if the 'self soothing' took care of everything or if she just out grew this stage.

I wish you all the best!

Hanna - posted on 08/13/2009




there are a number of reasons why she could be having a runny nose.
1. could be a form of allergy to something -- food or something in the environment being that we are in the middle of pollen season

2. is she constipated? sometimes when a baby has hard times going, they start having a runny nose

3. is she teething? that creates all sorts of side-effects from fever to constipation to runny nose, to not sleeping/eating or vise versa (eating and sleeping too much)
solution for that is give her some cold teethers (out of the freezer) or there's special homeopathic drops specially for the teeth or baby orajel that would help ease her pain

4. give her warm relaxing baths to calm her down with lavender and u can even put in a few drops of eucalyptus in there (just watch the eyes) -- it'll help her relax & hopefully soothe a bit.

if she's colicky, then try some mylicon or gripe water to help her pass the gas. and some nice relaxing back rub hand/feet reflexology massage to help her relax.

as far as tylenol, if she's not running a fever, there are other things you can give her before giving aspirin/ibuprofen. i hope this helps a bit. good luck!

Tiffany - posted on 08/13/2009




You could try a warm bath to soothe her and calm her down. When all fails for me, I try Mylicon drops. They work miracles!!! Could she be teething? If yes, you could try the teething tablets that you can pick up at Walmart. Try rubbing her stomach and her back. Is she pooping ok? If not, she could be constipated. As for the running nose, Tylenol is pretty much your only option. If you notice that her nose gets stuffy, you could try some 100% Saline Nasal Drops. I'm not sure if you have tried all these things, but here are a few suggestions. I'm kind of a veteran at this Mommy thing. However, what works for me may not work for you.

I hope your sweet little baby feels better. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Zojoho - posted on 08/13/2009




just be there for her. how old is your baby anyway? Your poor bub's is obviously feeling out of sorts (you mentioned that she has a runny nose)..she might be coming down with something.

Could your lil' girl be hungry? Wet? Dirty? Is she teething? Maybe she's going thru a growth spurt?? She could be having a "wonder wk" (which is where they act all irritable and out of sorts for a few days..and then come out of it meeting a milestone)..

There's lots of things that it can be, and probably more that they aren't. Just give her lots of love and attention..lots of cuddles, and just start your process of elimination.

Good luck, and hang in there.

Toni - posted on 08/13/2009




For the runny nose put a humidifer in her room, that should help with the congestion. Depending on her age it just might be colic. Try taking her outside if you can, sometimes a change of scenery helps. If you are formula feeding it could be giving her gas, put a warm wash cloth on her tummy then lightly rub in circles. I did all of these with my daughter, sometimes they work sometimes they don't. If you start getting upset put her in her crib or strap her in her swing and go to a different room to calm down. Babies can pick up on your stress. Keep your chin up, this will pass.

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