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Melissa - posted on 10/30/2009




I had a really good experience with my doula. Of course it was a really happy coincidence she was an RN at the hospital where I was going to give birth. She knew everyone on the floor and could get me things I needed faster than my family. I felt like I was really taken care of. However, even if she was not a nurse there, having a doula was an amazing help. Especially since I was in labor for 48 hours and the baby had not actually dropped. She helped me labor the baby down and out, when everyone said I would have to have a C-section. My doctor before even going into my scheduled induction told me there was a 90% chance I would have to have a c-section. He was basically appeasing me by going through the whole induction process. Without the doula I believe I would have ended up having a Cesarean.

Jackie - posted on 10/30/2009




My mother is a Doula so I'm a little bias. But I wouldn't have had either of my children without her. Doulas bring so much more to the table then a "coach". They have hands on experience, they have education and that can really come in handy in the delivery room. They also have professionalism where as a family member may not. Its hard to remember what you have been told and taught when you are emotionally invested in the situation. That is not to say that Doulas are detached from the situation because that's far from the truth. The doctors are nurses are there to medically delivery a baby. A Doula is there to help YOU through the labour and delivery. Its calming to know you have an advocate on your side and someone who knows what they are doing and you are going through when the nurses and doctors are busy with other moms.

Shana - posted on 10/30/2009




I had a doula for both of my births. I was very glad that I had someone who knew what was happening and could help me through labor. It cut down the time I needed with the nurse/dr./midwife and I had a constant companion. My husband and I asked her to leave for a while so that we could be alone, but she was very helpful. With my first I had gestational diabetes. I ate sugar before going to the hospital and then they gave me insulin. I ended up getting really low blood sugar. My doula helped me fight with the drs. to not have more insulin when it went back up and had ideas on what to do. With my second because I had a doula I was calm and didn't need an epidural or other medication. It was very helpful to have an extra person to massage and stuff since I had back labor. I was able to hold on to my husband and have my doula massage my back. I would take one with to your delivery.

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