what is the best age to get my daughters ears pierced?

Laura - posted on 11/17/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my daughter is now almost 3 month old! and i wanna get her ears pierced someday! but i dont wanna do it to early and not to late either!
people told me it good to do it early as possible so they wont pull the earings and get them infected.....other people told me its not good to do it early cuz they wouldnt understand and something about shots!...so now what to do?? what month/ year should she be in to get them pierced?


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When your daughter is old enough to decide for herself that she wants them pierced. Since they still have a lot of growing to do they can become uneven as she gets older and then she'll have to get them done again. When she's older she can take care of them herself too.


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Mandy - posted on 11/17/2009




I would wait until she is old enough to take care of them herself. Then she can learn responsibility. Also, it will be something she wants instead of something you want for her.

Denise - posted on 11/17/2009




When she's old enough to decide for herself if she wants her ears pierced or not.

Eve - posted on 11/17/2009




I live in Ireland and people here dont really do that at all. Like few moms mentioned already, they let their daughters to decide themselfs when they old enough. Now, i'm originally from Czech republic and its absolutelly normal to get ears pierced around 6th month of the baby girl's life.
I mean i had mine when i was 5months old and i dont remember any pain! When i was about 15 i wanted to get another one in my left ear and i will always remember the pain (even tho it was done with the piercing gun).

Mikayl - posted on 11/17/2009




you know my Mom did something that I remember was kind special. I was 11 years old when I got my ears peirced. I had to pull straight A's for on whole semester and them when I went to go get them done my Mom got her second piercing on her ear. I thought that was really cool. Also, I herd from someone I cant remember who that when they get older and have ear infections that it makes it worse when they have there ears pierced. I don't know if it is true or not. Good Luck.

Kristen - posted on 11/17/2009




I got my daughters ears pieced when she was 4 months old I wanted to do it at 3 months but walmart said they could not do it because her ears were to small for the gun they use. I ended up geting her ears pieced at icings in the mall. If under 3 months of age, your daughter must have recived her first set of goverment reccomend immunizations,including DTaP. I was told most children have it done at the 2m shots. but I would check with your doctor first .I believe that if her pieceing was done before she was 6m months old she was less likely to play with them. and she is doing great not even messing with them and even better with me cleaning them. I did find out that another walmart near me would do it after we did it. I hope this helps :)

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