What is the best US airline to travel on with a baby? I recently flew on US Airways... horrific!


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Amber - posted on 08/13/2009




i have flown both us air and southwest. i had no trouble with either airline. the cheaper to go on tho for babies is southwest because they don't charge for luggage. and they allow you to take a pack n play or walker or carseat any 2 items of that nature and check them for 1 free piece of luggage and you can always take a stroller or carseat and gate check it which is awesome. if you call either airline they will let you know what to take as far as formula and stuff like that because you can't take powdered formula threw security so you have to premake bottles which is a pain but whatever gets it done.

i definately recommend southwest just for the simple fact of their luggage policy. its much cheaper in the end.

Topaz - posted on 08/13/2009




i havent experienced it. but my sister flew southwest- she said they were great.... except she wanted a pillow to breastfeed her daughter and they told her it cost $15.00! she refused to pay to "borrow"a pillow and went ahead and fed her baby..

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